Children of the Cob

Holy cow! Do we have an amazing assortment of good times in store for the wee folk? We do indeed.

That’s absolutely right. Bring all your kids, scamps, hobbits, whippersnappers, bundles of joy, goblins, shorties, chillunz, children, tots, tods, tweens, twerps, and youngsters along with you to Con on the Cob. We have an entire schedule of programs just for them.

Join expedition guides Thaddeus Papke, Heather Moore, and Rebecca Stoner and their gang of coblins as they lead the young ones on an honest-to-goodness, authentic, make-believe hunt for lost loot, left behind by fleeing bank cobbers and cobsters! There’ll be games, crafts, parties, movies, a magic show, and all sorts of special events just for the wee folk.

Children of the Cob Schedule

Friday 10 am-6 pm: Crafts and Games
Saturday 10 am – 12 pm: Crafts and Games
Saturday 12 pm-1pm:
Children of the Cob Fairy Fracas Party! (Pizza Party)
Saturday 1 pm- 2 pm: Gandersnitch the Goblin
Saturday 3 pm-4 pm: Crafts and Games
Saturday 4:30 pm: Kids in Costumes (Trick or Treating and Costume Contest)
Sunday 10 am-4 pm: Crafts and Games

The following youngster-friendly gaming events will also be held in the Children of the Cob room! (Please sign up at Gaming HQ.)
Friday 1 pm – 3 pm: 1087: Pathfinder Society Academy
Friday 4 pm – 6 pm: 1088: Pathfinder Society Academy
Saturday 1 pm – 3 pm: 1089: Pathfinder Society Academy (will be held in the Atrium at table #18)
Saturday 4 pm – 6 pm: 1090: Pathfinder Society Academy

All ages are invited to join Ms. Bunny for some special art projects at the Young Artists Party on Saturday at 7 pm-10 pm in the Con Suite!