Costuming and CosPlay

If you dig putting on the fancy duds, the steampunk goggles, the stormtrooper armor, the fluffy dog ears, the superhero cape, the wizard robes, the Dr. Who scarf, the life-size Godzilla feet, or any other sort of costume, garb, get-up, or disguise then Con on the Cob is the place for you. One of several places, actually (Here’s another).

Costumes are encouraged at Con on the Cob. All costumes (as long as they’re legal and safe for the chillunz to see). Imagination is Earth’s most important resource and we want to see what’s cooking in your noggin. Show us what you’re into. Be PROUD. Sing it LOUD. Don your geek garb and strut your stuff.

To facilitate such snazziness, we have several super-fun CosPlay activities planned. Here are some of them:

Cosplay Guest of Honor

CJ Bocchan will be attending and helping to judge the Cosplay Contest this year!  Check out his bio on the Guests page.

Cosplay Contest

This year we’re doing something new….the cosplay contest will be pre-judged for those age 10 and up!  (Younger kidlets have the opportunity to be in the kids costume contest in the kids room along with trick-or-treating)  This means each contestant will have an opportunity to talk to the judges and brag about all the work that went into your creations.  Here’s how it’ll work:


  • You can turn in your cosplay contest form and sign up for your pre-judging slot Thursday noon – 7pm and Friday 9am – 7pm
  • When you turn in your registration you will be given a card with your assigned 10 minute time slot and where to go to see the judges.
  • You must be signed up in order to compete!


  • Pre-judging will be Saturday, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to your time just in case!!
  • This is here you can let the judges know all about your costume, the work put into it, the inspiration behind it, or anything else special about it.

Mainstage Show:

  • The cosplay showcase is Saturday starting at 7pm on the main stage.  Strut your stuff, show off your costume, preform any skits, or show off your cool moves where attendees can see you.
  • You’ll have a chance to tell the audience about your cosplay and may be asked a few questions by the MC.
  • Awards will be awarded at the end by the cosplay guest of honor.
    • Best Youth costume (ages 10-14)
    • Best Young Adult costume (ages 15-19)
    • Best Adult Costume (ages 20 and up)
    • Best Group
    • Judges Choice

Contestants are welcome to sign up on site or feel free to download this form and fill it out beforehand. Please turn them in at Cosplay HQ located outside the registration/badge pick up room Thursday noon – 7pm or Friday 9am – 7pm.

Cosplay Contest Form


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