1034 Purgatory House – 16+

  • November 9, 2017
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



We all know about the House…

It lurks atop a hill, behind a rusting gate, squatting there amid decades of weeds and neglect. Broken windows grin out at us like rotting teeth or peering eyes, watching, waiting, warning us not to venture in, especially after night falls. It creeps into our dreams, chasing us through a warren of endless rooms and indescribable horrors, a maze from which we can never escape.

Rules Lite, Single Session, Haunted House RPG! No experience needed. Characters will die but stay in the game as Shades to haunt the living till the bitter end. Can you survive or will you too fall victim to the horrors of Purgatory House?

Presented by: Robert Turk

Day: Thursday
Start: 7 pm
End: 10 pm

Rule System: Custom Rules – Blackjack based

Ages: 16-150
Rating: R
Experience Needed:  None

Location: TBD