Parties & Debauchery

Whether you’re in the mood for a party, a par-tay, an affair, a ball, a bash, a blowout, a to-do, a function, a gala, or a cannibalistic blood orgy, Con on the Cob has you covered. Here’s a sampling of what’s in store:

2018 Parties!!

The Welcome to Some Kind of Enchanted Fairy Forest of Something Get-To-Know-Everyone Party (All Ages)

Join our staff, guests, and other fancy peeps in a toast to whatever it is you want to toast (maybe toast itself). Munch some gourmet vittles and shmooze with the crust. Dress in your shabbiest finery and enjoy the faux-chic ambiance. It’s to die for (not literally).

Features of this shindig include a welcoming speech by Con on the Cob founder Andy Hopp (that’s me), a tour of the digs, and all sorts of fun jazz.

Thursday 8 pm in the Party Room

The Drink & Draw (Wretch & Sketch) (21+)

Up in the Con Suite find drunk people with sketch books and not drunk people with sketch books. Come early for drawing games and prizes! Drinking not required, only enabled.

Thursday 10 pm in the Con Suite

The Fabulous Fairy Fracas (21+)

Geek Watch One does things up! Fairy wings and magical paraphernalia are optional, but highly encouraged. There will be 2D6, dancing, drinking, shenanigans and more.

Friday 9 pm in the Party Room

The Children of the Cob Fairy Party(Children of the Cob)

This party has it all. Everything. Nothing is left out (except for stuff that isn’t a magic show, hot dogs, games, a pinata, and other fun things for kids to do). Fairy wings and accoutrement are encouraged (you know, to get into the spirit of the thing).

Saturday 12 pm in the Children of the Cob Room

Kids in Costumes (All Ages)

This rambling good time includes trick and/or treating throughout the entire con, a kids’ costume contest, and other assorted bits of tid. Wear a costume if you have one. Prizes will be awarded and fun will be had.

Saturday 4:30 pm in the Children of the Cob Room

Knights of the Bourbon Barrel Drink for Charity (21+)

Bourbon tasting with our good friends from Knights of the Bourbon Barrel.

Saturday 6-8pm in the Restaurant

Barfleet Away Mission (21+)

Our friends from Barfleet and the U.B.S. Casual are hosting this bad ass rave style madhouse. Dress in your snazziest explorer duds and dance, dance, dance the night away. If dancing isn’t your thing there’ll be other stuff too, like hillbilly leg wrestling (hosted by our pals at Gutbusting Games), drawing on people with Sharpies, obeying the rules, and brushing your teeth after every meal.

Saturday 9 pm in the Party Room

The All Ages Art and Awesomeness Jam (All Ages)

Saturday night is the night for the ALL AGES masquerade party.  It all gets started around 7:30pm.  Things get funky with dancing, socializing, and possibly a bit of Extreme Twister!

Saturday 7 pm in the Con Suite.

Sanity loss Saturday Night “Byob fhtagn” with 2d6 (21+)

Come see the Greatest Nerdcore Rap Group of all time! Oh yeah did I mention it’s a party also with Adult Beverages (Some will be provided but guest are encourage to bring their own).

Saturday 11 pm in the Rogue Cthulhu Room

The Third Furst Annual Furstival of Furries!

Inviting all furries, furry friends, and furry enthusiasts! Join us for the Furst Annual Furstival of Furries! (A family friendly, all ages event.)

Saturday 10 am in the Party Room


Room Parties

Let us know if you are interested in hosting a party in your hotel room.