The Adopt-A-Geek Fund is a special endowment set aside to provide registration fees, hotel space, food, and other amenities to con-goers who otherwise couldn’t afford such things. Our goal at Con on the Cob is to make sure everyone has fun. Nobody should be turned away just because he or she can’t afford our (very reasonable) registration fees, hotel costs, or other related expenses.

In the past, your generous Adopt-A-Geek donations have gone to pay registration, travel, and food expenses for victims of Hurricane Katrina, recently unemployed geeks, new parents, and otherwise deserving friends.

Funds raised will go to house and welcome worthy geeks. Every $200 pays for three nights in the hotel (two beds, adopted geeks might have to share with another geek) and breakfast for two each day. Adopted geeks may volunteer at Con on the Cob to earn a free badge.

Every donation, no matter how small or huge is appreciated. Donors may remain anonymous or have their name posted on this site, it’s up to you (although we will need to know your name behind the scenes).

If you are in need of the services of the Adopt-A-Geek Fund, or if you have any questions about the fund, please email Andy at


Special thank be unto Stratos for the music used in the video.