Alligator Alley Entertainment: CotC 2019 Gaming Guests of Honor

Founded by hobby industry veterans Rich Lescouflair, Eric Wiener and Brian Dalrymple, AAE brings a world of imagination to go along with their RPG products. The team’s skill set covers years of game design, retail expertise and print production.  The ENnie-nominated company has created hits like Esper Genesis: Heroic Sci-Fi Role-playingTM with 5E rules, Witch Hunter: The Invisible Worldof swashbuckling adventure and horror, and The Demonbane Chronicles, a 5E adventure series set on the shattered continent of Sereth.


A two-time Origins Award winning designer, Eric is the Lead Designer and Line Developer of the ENnie Award-nominated Witch Hunter: The Invisible World RPG, and founding member of the creative team behind the Origins Award-winning Arcanis: The World of Shattered Empires. He began his journey in gaming with the D&D Red Box, graduated to AD&D and added Champions, Deadlands, and Legend of the Five Rings to his list of favorite systems before creating games himself. Eric’s other design credits include the Rotted Capes RPG, d20 System supplements, Spycraft, Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition, and Living Arcanis.


Chris is one of the game/story writers for the ENnie nominated Esper Genesis, for 5e; a wildly imaginative sci-fi RPG setting familiar for fans of both Mass Effect and Star Wars. His Esper Genesis and Cypher RPG PDFs are 5-star and Electrum best sellers. Under his Ganza Gaming alias, one of the bigger community content creators for the Cypher RPG from Monte Cook Games.
And at his Patreon page, you can discover more about his fantastical Solar Sails fantasy setting and his fiction over the years, which you can find out in the wild and many of the games he writes. Chris started as a storyteller and world builder at the age of twelve after exhausting all the genre fiction in the local library and discovering RPGs.