An interesting headline that will make you want to read this update!

A quick overview of the fun stuff you’ll find in this update:

  • Winner of the Attendee Guest of Honor contest.
  • We will extend the Cob Crate promotion until April 11. Everyone who nabs a con badge and hotel reservation by then will get one.
  • You DO NOT have to pay up front for your hotel room.
  • It’s never too early to start submitting your games and events!
  • Artist and vendor space still available in the Mother of All Marketplaces.


Hello friends! We hope that you are well and looking forward to Con on the Cob as much as we are! It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted, so we have plenty of news to share!

Since last we spoke, we drew the winner for the Attendee Guest of Honor Contest…

GLENN MARDIS won and is the 2016 CotC Attendee Guest of Honor! As part of his loot, Glenn wins: a FREE FOUR DAY CON BADGE, THREE FREE NIGHTS IN THE CON HOTEL (courtesy of the lovely people at the Days Inn), FREE FOOD (three meals a day, again courtesy of the Days Inn), a FREE COB CRATE, a FREE CotC T-SHIRT, and all sorts of other FANCY JAZZ. Congrats, man!

Speaking of the COB CRATE…

Cob Crate? Sounds lame. What the heck is it?

COB CRATE! (such an awesomeness deserves ALL CAPS and an exclamation point), is an incredibly cool new promotion being offered by Con on the Cob, the universe’s most off the cob celebration of games, art, freaks, and fun!


Think of it as an overflowing cornucopia of really cool things you can get FOR FREE from Con on the Cob. If you do what’s right, there will be one sitting in your hotel room when you get to Con on the Cob in October…

Nothing’s free… What’s the catch?

Of course there’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Happily, in this instance, the catch isn’t something bad. It’s just a little motivation to do something you already planned on doing, but doing it a little earlier than your procrastinating wazoo would normally be inclined to do it.

I’m listening…

See, every year before Con on the Cob I post numerous messages and send out buttloads of emails and whine and nag and beg you guys to reserve your hotel room early. See, the cost of the venue is directly tied to how many hotel rooms are rented. The sooner we rent those rooms the happier the hotel is and the less stress we have worrying about if we’ll reach our quota or not.

That is why EVERYONE who registers for a con badge and reserves a hotel room at Days Inn in Richfield, Ohio for Con on the Cob BEFORE MARCH 1, 2016 APRIL 11, 2016* will nab one. It’s our thank you to you for doing us a solid.

*We have decided to extend the deadline for the Cob Crate to April 11th!

Keep in mind, you DON’T actually have to pay for your hotel room by April 11th, just reserve the room. They won’t actually charge you until arrival! (We have met with the hotel and they have agreed NOT to charge a deposit on the rooms at the time of reservation. INSTEAD, it will be like last year where you DO NOT pay for your room UNTIL CHECK IN. We are deeply sorry for any confusion or inconveniences this may have caused.)

It’s very important that you call the hotel directly (330-659-6151) and tell them you are with Con on the Cob. Do not register online because it will be a lot more expensive, we won’t get credit for it, and you won’t earn a COB CRATE!

What kind of stuff will be in it?

That picture up there shows a small sampling of the sorts of things that are likely to inhabit a COB CRATE! Obviously, not all of that stuff will be included, and there are a lot of other things that will probably be in there. Here, in the form of a bulleted list, are some things that MIGHT be in your COB CRATE! Each one is different and each one will include AT LEAST five things.

  • Card Games
  • Custom CotC Dice
  • Miniatures
  • Books
  • Bennies and Poker Chips
  • Stickers
  • Art Cards
  • Comic Books (Knights of the Dinner Table)
  • Exclusive CotC Merchandise
  • Candy and Snacks
  • Buttons
  • Various Assorted Othernesses

I notice a whole lot of Low Life stuff in that picture. I really dig Low Life, of course, but will there be other stuff too?

Of course there will. Low Life stuff is just what I have on hand at the moment. An abundance of jazz will be had!

You are correct! This is the coolest thing to ever happen anywhere ever! I’m done procrastinating! In fact, I’m already on the phone with the Days Inn reserving my room!

Yay! Don’t forget to nab your con badge while you’re at it…

game stack _ken love_cropped

GAMEMASTERS! It’s never too early to start submitting your games and events to the schedule!

We know, we know… Con on the Cob isn’t until November, and Spring just arrived… but TRUST us… you really shouldn’t wait until August 1st to submit your games and events!

All GMs who register and run AT LEAST 2 (that’s two, dos, due, deux) events or games AND register for their GM badge BY AUGUST 1st can nab their Con on the Cob badge for just $25! 

Plus, the earlier games and events are submitted, the more opportunity players have to pre-register!

You don’t have to be a master gamemaster, have ten years of experience running games, or only play RPG games in order to be a great gamemaster! If you have a favorite board game (maybe it’s Monopoly), a favorite card game (maybe it’s Magic the Gathering or Cards Against Humanity), or even a dice game (like Zombie Dice or Yahtzee), we encourage you to add your game to the schedule! We welcome all games and gamemasters to join us!

Submit your games and events here!

We are eagerly awaiting your submissions so we can start filling in those gaming tables and time slots on the schedule!

gandersnitch booth 2015

Artists and Vendors
for the Mother of All Marketplaces

Economy got you down? Ogres pillaging your treasure horde? Provisions low? Need to stock up on the geeksentials? No worries. The Mother of All Marketplaces at Con on the Cob has your back. It’s the one-stop-shop for all your geekular needs. Games, art, clothing, jewelry, DVDs, stuffed animals, toys, collectibles, music, dice and just about everything else on your geek wish list can be found here. It’s the best thing to happen to the geekonomy since the invention of the gold piece.

The new ENLARGED Mother of All Marketplaces hosts a whopping 59 vendor booths (and 20 ancillary booths outside of the Marketplace)! Awesome.

Sign up for your booth here!

Whew! That was A LOT of STUFF!!