Art Show

The Con on the Cob art show is proud to exhibit a wide range of fantasy, science fiction, comic, and genre artworks by a diverse multitude of artists. All artists, professionally published or otherwise, are invited to join the fun. Additionally, the art show hosts a variety of art-centered workshops, games, guests, contests, and special events. Artists who are not attending Con on the Cob are encouraged to participate in our mail-in program.

The Artitorium

The CotC Art Show is infested with interconnected gridwall panels for hanging framed or matted original artwork and prints, as well as tables for the display of 3D art and sculpture. Each panel is 6’ tall and 2’ wide. Tables are 6’ x 2’ as well. You may mix and match tables and panels. Art exhibited in the Artitorium is sold by silent auction or quick sale.

Panels: Each vertical panel is 6′ tall and 2′ wide.
Tables: Tables for the display of 3D art and jewelry are 6′ wide and 2′ deep.
Attending Artist Booths: The Artitorium is sort of an Artists Avenue sort of thing, with booths lining the hallway outside the Mutha of All Marketplaces and the Registration area. Artists are welcome to exhibit in the Mother of All Marketplaces or in the Artitorium. Each booth contains a 6’x30″ table and includes one CotC 4-Day registration badge. Artists may purchase one additional badge for only $30.



Reserving Art Show Space

You may reserve space in the art show using the VENDOR & ARTIST REGISTRATION FORM, which is LOCATED HERE.


 The Print Shop

The CotC Print Shop is the place to display and sell prints and artistic reproductions by direct sale. Prices are set by the artists and collectors can buy prints at any time during the show (instead of waiting for the auction to close).

Fee: There is no charge to sell prints in the Print Shop, but CotC collects a 20% commission on sales.


Art Auction

Here’s how the auction works: It’s really very simple. Each piece of artwork is labeled with a bid sheet, with the minimum bid set by the artist. Throughout the con people may bid on the artwork by writing their name and a higher bid in the next space on the sheet. Whoever has the highest bid by the end of the auction (Sunday at 11:00am) wins the piece. If nobody has bid on a piece it may still be sold on Sunday at the Sunday Direct Sale price (also set by the artist). Of course if you don’t want to sell your art, just display it in the Artitorium, you can simply write NFS (Not For Sale) on the bid sheet. See, I told you it was simple.


Burgeoning Artists Competition

This is a section reserved for the artwork of unpublished and aspiring artists and children. There is no fee associated with this space, although you must have a CotC registration badge to display your art here. Artwork in the contest may be posted for sale through CotC and our judges will be selecting their favorites and presenting awards. To enter your work in the Burgeoning Artists Competition please see Amy at the show.

Fee: No fee to display. CotC collects a 20% commission on sales.


Mail-In Program

Artists who, for whatever sad reason, can’t make it to Con on the Cob, are invited to mail their art to the show and we’ll hang it for you. Mail-in artists must complete and include the mail-in art forms and bid sheets and include return postage for any unsold artwork.

Although we do not need your actual artwork until September 21st, 2020, it is recommended that you handle your registration and payment as soon as possible to make sure your space is reserved. We have a limited number of panels and they are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please include funds for return shipping with your artwork and forms.
Mail artwork, completed forms, and payment to:

Con on the Cob Art Show
c/o Krystal Tomlinson
1641 Oakwood Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44301

Your payment (by check) and unsold artwork will be sent to your return address within 30 days of the end of the con.



Bid Sheets – Please fill out one bid sheet for each piece submitted.

Art Show Control

Print Shop Control

By registering for artist space at Con on the Cob you acknowledge that you have read and understand the following rules and procedures:


General Rules

• All artwork submitted should have a Fantasy, Horror/Halloween, or Sci-Fi theme. Exceptions will be made, but primacy of place will be given to artwork with these themes.

• Con on the Cob reserves the right to refuse artwork on the basis of subject matter, quality or space limitations.

• Models, Miniatures and all other pre-cast commercially available forms must be custom modified or painted. Painted miniatures ARE allowed in the artshow and may be entered in the miniatures painting contest.

• Hanging works do not need to be framed, however artwork MUST be matted or otherwise supported for hanging. Work submitted must be marked on the back with the artist’s name and the name of the piece.

• Con on the Cob uses a gridwall panel hanging system for hanging art and standard hotel tables for 3-D art. All art must be presented on these venues unless otherwise negotiated with the art show director.

• All space is limited and sold by the panel; the Art Show reserves the right to rearrange pieces in order to consolidate space for other artists to exhibit their work in the case that a full panel is not filled.

• Con on the Cob is not responsible for artwork lost, stolen or damaged in transit nor for artwork not picked up by closing of the show. This does not include mail-in art, which will be returned according to the instructions given in the artist’s registration.


• Artwork in the CotC Print Shop is sold by direct sale.

• All prints submitted to the Print Shop must be labeled with the artist’s name, the piece name, and the sale price on the back of the piece.

• Prints should be matted or otherwise supported and bagged.

• There is no fee for artwork placed in the Print Shop, although CotC collects a 20% commission on all Print Shop sales.


• All sales in the Artitorium will be by written/silent bid or by the Quick Sale price listed on the bid sheet.

• Sunday sales will be available for pieces without any bids. The Sunday Sale price will be the minimum bid unless the artist specifies otherwise.

• Items will be sold to the highest written bidder.

• Initial bidding closes at 8:30 p.m. Saturday. All sales will be finalized by Sunday afternoon.


• Art Show panels are 6’ x 2’. There is a fee of $10 per panel or table. Panels and tables are assigned based on the order of arrival.

• Con on the Cob does not charge a commission on sales in the Artitorium. There is a 20% commission on sales in the Print Shop..

• All payments for pieces sold are by check. Con on the Cob reserves the right to withhold monies previously owed to Con on the Cob from any monies due the artist.

Questions? Reach out to Krystal and Elyse and you’ll get your answers!

Please visit the Con ARTISTS of Con on the Cob Facebook group to join in the discussion!