Badge Registration

Registering for Con on the Cob is one of the simplest tasks a person can perform. All you have to do is follow the link below. A Con on the Cob badge gives you access to EVERYTHING at Con on the Cob.

FREE Gaming!
FREE Parties!
FREE Demos, Seminars, Panels, and Workshops!
FREE Entry into the Mother of All Marketplaces!
FREE Entry into the Con on the Cob Artitorium!
FREE food and drinks in the Con Suite!
FREE Children of the Cob Programming!
FREE Entry into all of Con on the Cob’s musical and entertainment performances!

Children five through ten qualify for the discounted Children of the Cob badge. Children four and under are FREE and don’t even need a badge. How’s that for an awesome deal?

By registering for Con on the Cob you attest that you have read and understand the Con on the Cob policies and procedures.

Con on the Cob Gift Registrations?

Yep. You can nab badges for your friends. Simply put your friend’s name in the NAME space when you buy a badge.

Registration Schedule

Early Worm Preregistration
(October 17, 2019 – January 2, 2020)

Super Ultra Mega Deal: $55
4 Day Adult: $40
4 Day Child: $30
1 Day Adult: $25
1 Day Child: $20

Regular Preregistration
( January 3, 2020 – September 30, 2020)

Super Ultra Mega Deal: $65
4 Day Adult: $50
4 Day Child: $30
1 Day Adult: $35
1 Day Child: $25

At the Door

Super Ultra Mega Deal: $75
4 Day Adult: $60
4 Day Child: $35
1 Day Adult: $40
1 Day Child: $30

Game Masters – You can earn COINS ON THE COB!

Peeps earn Coins on the Cob by running games and panels at Con on the Cob! There are, however, a few rules to which recipients must adhere. I shall list them thusly:

  1. Register to run games or panels at Con on the Cob 2020. You will receive one $1 coin for each hour of games or events you register to host. If you run a four hour game slot you will earn an extra Coin on the Cob ($5 for four hours).
  2. You must preregister for your con badge online and submit your games or panels through the website by July 1, 2020. You can still register online after that date but you WILL NOT receive Coins on the Cob for events submitted after July 1.
  3. You must actually show up at your game or event in order to collect Coins on the Cob. You can’t just register to run games, collect your coins, and then not run the game. In fact, the entire reason we decided to implement the Coins on the Cob program is because some not-to-be-named Game Masters were abusing the privileges afforded them by the discounted GM badge, thus ruining the entire concept of discounted GM badges for everyone.
  4. We will also be rewarding peeps at Con on the Cob with Coins on the Cob for random acts of awesomeness.
  5. Pick up your Coins on the Cob at Gaming HQ at the start of your game session. 


Days Inn & Suites
4742 Brecksville Rd
Richfield, OH 44286

(330) 659-6151

Make sure to tell them you are with Con on the Cob to get the best rate. I can not stress this enough. It is so extremely important the planet may actually implode if you do not follow this direction (actually, it will just cost us a lot more to rent the venue and that would suck).

Other Info

Con on the Cob has been invading northern Ohio with corny goodness since 2005. Average attendance is 800-900 for the weekend, with over 70 vendors, artists, and exhibitors.

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