Become CotC Attendee Guest of Honor!

What the heck is a GAWD FOR A WEEKEND?

Well, it’s only the coolest thing ever in the history of history. You thought fire was pretty hot? Maybe sliced bread is your thing? The wheel? A better mousetrap? P’shaw, I say unto thee. P’shaw! Those things hold zero candles to the amazingly awesome awesomeness that is a Con on the Cob Attendee Guest of Honor (also known as a Gawd for a Weekend).


Really? That sounds pretty amazing. What’s involved?

You get the stone cold gangster treatment is what’s involved. You get a FREE FOUR DAY CON BADGE (a special one that only you get), THREE FREE NIGHTS IN THE CON HOTEL (courtesy of the lovely people at the Days Inn), FREE FOOD (three meals a day, again courtesy of the Days Inn), a FREE COB CRATE, a FREE CotC T-SHIRT, and all sorts of other FANCY JAZZ.

Suffering Socks on a Flaming Porcupine with Whipped Cream and an Anchovy on Top! That’s incredibly generous and generously Incredible! How does a person earn such mad respect?

That’s a very handsome question, my friend. I’m glad you asked. It’s very simple, actually. In order to qualify for the Con on the Cob 2019 Attendee Guest of Honor Prize Drawing a person must complete these challenges four BEFORE MAY 31, 2019:

  1. Complete the Con on the Cob Survey. Do it here!
  2. Register for your 4-Day (or vendor) Con on the Cob Convention Badge. Do it here!
  3. Like the Con on the Cob facebook page. Do it here!
  4. Reserve your hotel room for CotC 2019. Call the Days Inn at (330) 659-6151 to do so. Make sure to tell them you are with Con on the Cob.
  5. Share this post. Click the “like” link to do so.

It’s really that easy? What’s the catch?

It is indeed. No catch is included, although you can buy one for an additional fee. Complete these four quests and you will be entered into a drawing (which we will hold on March 2). Each night of hotel reservation you make will earn you one entry into the random drawing (a four night stay equals four chances to win, etc…).

Remember, the deadline is May 31.

Oh wait, there is one catch. We will only be selecting a GAWD FOR A WEEKEND if we have at least 50 hotel room nights booked by March 31. Tell your friends…