Three Questions with Gaming Guest of Honor Eloy Lasanta


It is always fun to interview someone you have been a fan of for a long time. This is not the first time I have had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite people in the gaming world, but it is an equal thrill every time I grill him (in a friendly fashion, of course).

Eloy Lasanta is the man behind Third Eye Games. I often refer to him as the hardest working man in gaming, but having met him at Gen Con last year, I can add that he is also one of the coolest dudes out there designing games.

I am ecstatic that he is a Gaming Guest of Honor of Con on the Cob this year.


Pete: A person new to Third Eye Games happens upon your website, and you are able to pop your head through the screen and surprise them. Where would you tell them to start when it comes to purchasing your games? Why?

Eloy: That’s a difficult question for a company like Third Eye Games, I think, because we do so many things. If someone just happens upon our game site, then it’s a matter of what they’re into. We have an umbrella that can take in just about any gaming fan and is expanded with every new purchase. Are you into horror? Then come have a look at Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. Ninja more your thing? Then the Ninja Crusade is right up your alley! Looking for something about gods and divine power? Part-Time Gods is the game for you! If a family game is more your speed, then Mermaid Adventures and Camp Myth: The RPG (and the upcoming Infestation) are great for any family. Fan of movies? Try out Top Billing, The Movie Making Card Game! Last but certainly not least, you should definitely try AMP: Year One if you’re a fan of supers! 

It was a big deal for me when I first started Third Eye Games that I didn’t want to be known for one type of game. I want to have a wide range of experiences that gamers can have from the things we release and… so far, so good. 

Pete: Who is your biggest influence in regard to being a game designer? Why?

Eloy: There are quite a few names I could rattle off, from Fred Hicks to Monte Cook, both of which certainly deserve the respect and recognition the industry has afforded them. They are definitely people I look up to as goals to achieve. Every move I make with Third Eye Games is in growing bigger and hopefully catching up to them. But I’m a big proponent of the adage “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I make games because I think that’s what I’m here to do, regardless of how successful any particular game becomes.

My biggest life influence is Prince, as strange as that might sound. He exists as a medium for a musical experience. He makes music everyday and if he wants to listen to new music, he makes more. He fills his life with only the most positive of influences and cuts away the bad. He’s also constantly releasing material, some great and some not so great, but it’s all him. I think that’s also something to admire, and something I strive for.

Pete: You are the Gaming Guest of Honor this year. What do you want to do most at Con on the Cob?

Eloy: I love talking to fans, either at a panel or in a more social setting, and hearing about what they think of games, the industry, the hobby, their faves, their least faves, and all that jazz. Not to say “Hey, come up and tell me about your character,” but sometimes that’s the best way to describe what they love about gaming. The easiest way for me to interact is to play in others’ games. Yeah, I’ll be running some games of my own and that’s fun too, but I love to get down to the player level and really share an experience with the other players. That’s one of my favorite things about conventions. Me and a handful of individuals around a table sharing something that no one else will ever have (unless we record it, I guess). 


Wow! That was fun. If your gaming schedule is not already full, I highly recommend trying to get into a game that includes Eloy.