Con OFF the Cob – It’s like Con on the Cob but online!

Con OFF the Cob is the online version of Con on the Cob, which is widely and unbiasedly regarded to be the most fun event in the history of fun (and the history of history (and events)).

It all happens November 13-15, 2020. Attendees are encouraged to submit games and events (and to sign up to participate in them) as early as possible. Participation in many activities at Con OFF the Cob is free. However, your $7 Attendee badge allows you to reserve spots in games, panels, and other events with a limited number of slots, submit games and events to the schedule, and help run and maintain this monster (which is a much bigger job than we originally anticipated).

Additionally, vendor and artist spots and individual games or events may have a cost or fee associated with them. Visit this link for more details. Donations, of course, are very much appreciated.

Please visit the registration page to register to participate in or host events, games, and other activities or to nab a space in the vendor hall, authors alley, or art show. To go directly to the Con Off the Cob Discord server, where the convention takes place, get your shiny wazoo to the Discord server.

Follow the links below to get the lowdown on the what’s what and the who’s who.


Schedule of Games & Events


Games & Gaming at Con OFF the Cob


The Con OFF the Cob Art Show


The Con OFF the Cob Vendor Hall


Cosplay and the Con OFF the Cob Costume Contests


Music & Entertainment


Con OFF the Cob Authors Alley


The Con OFF the Cob Online Auction


It all goes on here at the Con OFF the Cob Discord Server!