Con on the Cob 2016 Artist Guest of Honor – TONY STEELE’S BEARD!!!!

Actually, the entirety of Tony Steele, not just his beard. Here he is:

Tony Steele's Profile Photo

Wait, that’s a bad example. Here he is:

He’s the one who Godzilla’s Tokyo.


Those of you who have been coming to Con on the Cob for some time already probably know Tony. He’s sort of a fixture around the place. It’s time now to give him the recognition and respect he deserves. So, if everyone on Earth could just take a moment right now to wave in the general direction of Michigan he might catch a drift of that breeze and know we’re thinking of him.

Tony is an incredibly talented artist who has worked on many games, books, and other jazz. He even designed the very first second Con on the Cob T-Shirt! Here is some art he arted: