Con on the Cob 2016 Registration is Now Live!


You read that headline correctly (unless you didn’t, in which case maybe consider reading it again)! Registration for Con on the Cob is now live! This is truly a momentous time in all our lives and will be a day long remembered.

You may have some questions. I will attempt to them answer forthwith:

Con on the Cob? What the goose is a Con on the Cob?

I’m glad I pretended you asked that question. Con on the Cob is the flyest, dopest, most happenin’ groove train to ever flop a caboozle! It’s a FOUR DAY CELEBRATION OF GAMES, ART, FREAKS, AND FUN! Five, actually, once you consider we have gaming and socializing going on Wednesday night as well.

Join several hundred peeps like yourself (over 800 showed up at CotC 2015) as we play games, attend panels and workshops, shop the Mother of All Marketplaces (the best thing to happen to the geekonomy since the invention of the gold piece), peruse the Artitorium, rock our socks off to awesome live music, party, partay, paaaaarty, chill with incredible guests, and participate in a ridiculously absurd assortment of other diversions, amusements, entertainments, hilarities, and beguilements. Come on, it’ll be fun.

Where is it? Also when?

Same place as last year. CotC 2016 throws down November 10-13 (9th if your nasty), 2016 at the Days Inn in Richfield, Ohio. In fact, you can make a hotel reservation by calling the hotel directly (don’t use their online form) and telling them you are with Con on the Cob. Here’s the number: (330) 659-6151. It’s super important that you tell them you are with Con on the Cob. Don’t forget. It’s important.

That’s a long time from now. Why should I register today instead of, say, six months from now? It’s not like you’re going to sell out or anything…

There are a plethora of reasons to register RIGHT NOW. First, we may indeed sell out. The hotel ran out of rooms last year, so there’s that to consider. Book early and save is also a thing you can repeat to yourself over and over again like a mantra. See, the hotel gets more expensive as time goes on. Right now it’s $89 a night, but that changes on January 1. Why wait? Why indeed…

Also, by registering now you’ll get the best rate on your convention badge as well. Take advantage of the SUPER ULTRA MEGA DEAL why not? It nabs you a 4-Day badge, a button, and t-shirt, all while saving you some green stuff (money, not parsley, although you could buy parsley with your leftover money if you want).

Are you doing the COB CRATE promotion again for 2016?

We sure are. In 2015 we handed out over 50 packages chock full of awesome goodies to people who reserved their badge and their hotel room by March 1. These weren’t just boxes of ads or lame Dollar Store jazz, either. Every box included comics, games, promo cards, stickers, snacks, and a bunch of other nifty snazz. You’ll nab one too if you do that thing I just mentioned. I’ll mention it again so you won’t have to read backwards: Reserve your badge and your hotel room by March 1 and you’ll get a COB CRATE.

What’s the theme for 2016?

Cobsters. Cobs and Cobbers. The Cobfather. Lots of gangsterly things sound like cob…


Calm down there, Sparky. You’ll have to sign yourself up. You can do so by following this link…