Con on the Cob 2017 – All sorts of important stuff

Con on the Cob 2017 draws nigh…

The Gawds of Coblympus await.

Good day, friends,

Andy here. I am extremely overjoyed to see all of you next week at Con on the Cob! Woo hoo!!!!! This year’s con is going to be epic. As is our way, there are several things with which we wish to familiarize you, some vital deadlines, a few instructions, and some other important jazz we absolutely insist you read. To make the journey less perilous I will begin with a bulleted list of what to expect as you proceed. Let’s begin:

  • The deadline for discounted badge preregistration and event submission is TONIGHT (November 1) at midnight! After that time you will not be able to reserve badges or submit events online (although you will be able to do so at the show).
  • Event signups go until Saturday at midnight.
  • We made some changes to event locations and stuff like that since last year.
  • The CotC Auction was a big hit last year. This year we have a larger room for it. Don’t forget to bring lots of fun stuff to sell.
  • Brownie Bake-Off! Toga Parties! etc…
  • FOOD TRUCKS!!!!!
  • Stuff about volunteers.
  • Vendor and Artist Setup Information.
  • Coins on the Cob
  • We are opening a store! Con on the Cob vendors can sell stuff there…
  • CotC 2018 info.
  • Instead of a booklet, this year’s onsite guide is a bitchin’ scroll. We’ll post it here for your perusal.


As I just mentioned, the deadline for discounted badge preregistration and event submission is TONIGHT (November 1) at midnight! After that time you will not be able to reserve badges or submit events online (although you will be able to do so at the show). It is a bit redundant to repost this here almost exactly as it appears right above us in the bulleted list, but for the sake of completeness I am doing so anyway. Enjoy. But seriously, register for a badge.

You can sign up to play in or attend events until 11:59pm this Saturday.


We moved a few things from last year. In the interest of brevity, I will present them in list form:

  1. The Registration Booth, Souvenirium, and Raffle have moved from the coat closet in the hallway across from the Mother of All Marketplaces to the conference room in the hotel lobby. The new location is larger and more central.
  2. The Coat Closet is now the Art Show and Vendor HQ. Next to it is a new zone we call the Artitorium. It houses all sorts of demos, workshops, and panels.
  3. The Auction has moved to the Torture Chamber (Fitness Room). It is located downstairs, in the atrium, across from the video game arcade.


Con on the Cob actually has two auctions happening next week. The one called THE AUCTION is for all attendees to bring any games, toys, books, and any other geeky things for sale to other attendees. The Art Auction is a silent auction that happens throughout the weekend in the hallway outside the Mother of All Marketplaces.


The Geek Watch One party Friday night is a goosin’ TOGA PARTY. If you have a toga (or a sheet or a piece of fabric) wear it. If not, no big deal, you’re still invited. Elle Owls is hosting a toga draping panel at 7pm Friday  in the Con Suite. That same party is host the annual Brownie Bake-Off as well. If you’re cool, you’ll bake some funky brownies and bring them to the party to be subjected to the critical tastebuds of the judges.

Here’s something else new–the hotel will be setting up a CASH BAR Friday and Saturday afternoon from 2pm-9pm!


That is correct. Con on the Cob will be featuring FOOD TRUCKS! This is very exciting news. The hotel restaurant will still be providing breakfast, of course. This year, however, instead of eating lunch and dinner at the restaurant several awesome food trucks (Jim’s Funnel Cakes, Cedar Grill, Stray Dog, and Lobster Louie’s) will be parked outside door six (downstairs past the video game arcade). The food trucks should be there from lunchtime until late, so make use of them.


If you are a Con on the Cob volunteer please check in and schedule your volunteer hours with Krystal at the Registration desk. If you registered as a volunteer but neglect to work the required hours you will not be allowed to volunteer in the future.


What, more lists?

  • VENDOR AND ARTSIST SETUP begins at 10:00am on Thursday. The vendor hall and art show open at 2pm on Thursday, although several people can’t make it until Friday or Saturday, and that’s ok.
  • Vendors with ANCILLARY BOOTHS are responsible for bringing their own tables. Some spots have been reserved by us for specific vendors. Otherwise, you have your pick of the available spots.
  • If you have your own tables and plan to bring them please let us know (no need to let us know about tables if you have an ancillary booth). That would ease the burden on the hotel a bit.
  • If you have to cancel please understand we do not offer refunds. Nevertheless, you would be doing us a solid if you let us know ahead of time.


Game masters who scheduled their games and nabbed their badges by September 1 will be given Coins on the Cob as compensation for their hard work. These coins can be spent at the CotC souvenirium, the Vendor Hall and Art Show, and toward booths and badges for next year. Vendors, please accept these coins from your shoppers and turn them in to us at the end of the show. You will be recompensed with cash or you can put them toward next year’s booth.


Yep, we are opening a store. Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd will be opening this December in Green Ohio. We are looking for awesome artists, crafters, and purveyors of geeky things (games, toys, etc…) to be consignors in the place. Please follow that link for more information. Very, very exciting.

Con on the Cob vendors are invited to participate. If you want to bring items to the con and have us bring them with us after the show please fill out the paperwork you can get to by following this link. We will also have paperwork onhand at the show.

CotC 2018

Con on the Cob 2018 will take place November 8-13, 2018. You will be able to nab badges, vendor booths, art show booths, ancillary booths, and such at this show. We will be having a contest at CotC 2017 to determine the theme of CotC 2018.