Con on the Cob 2018 Registration is NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!

You read it right here, folks. Well, you are currently reading it right here. Con on the Cob 2018 Registration is now live and eagerly awaiting your participation. The theme this year, in accordance with the vote we took last year, is SOME SORT OF ENCHANTED FAIRY FOREST OR SOMETHING. This year’s FOUR DAY EVENT is going to be the most fun thing in the history of history (hyperbole notwithstanding).

In related news, I think that might be the first time in my 45 year span on this glob that I have ever actually typed the word “notwithstanding”. Please share in this momentous occasion by reserving your Con on the Cob badge as soon as possible. Top Secret but soon-to-be-revealed treasures await those who reserve their badge and hotel room early…

Do it here:!