Con on the Cob Gaming Guest of Honor George Vasilakos

Holy Carp! Did you say George Vasilakos?

I did indeed. George is THE MAN!

He sure is. Man, George is responsible for so many fantastic games. Why, I remember playing Conspiracy X back in the day. Good times, my man. Good times…

That is most definitely true. I imagine there may still be a few peeps out there, however, who aren’t really familiar with George or the incredible products produced by Eden Studios. Let’s enlighten them, shall we, in George’s own words…

George Vasilakos is the President and Art Director of Eden Studios. He has worked as Art Director and Creative Director of licensed games for his company and for Last Unicorn Games, Decipher and Wizards of the Coast including properties as the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Army of Darkness, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Dune. George Vasilakos helped graphic artist Francis Hogan develop the kid-friendly RPG Adventure Maximus, which Eden Studios publishes.

Quite the accomplishments, yes no?


Hey, how about a picture of the man himself?

Happy to oblige.


He is the very epitome of professionalism and sexxxiness…

I wholeheartedly agree.

So, what sort of misadventures will George be participating in at Con on the Cob?

So much cool stuff. George will, of course, be manning the Eden Studios booth in The Mother of All Marketplaces (the best thing to happen to the geekonomy since the invention of the gold piece). He’ll also be playing games, hosting panels, and doing all the other things that make Con on the Cob the place to be.

Awesome! I’m so there. How do I sign up?

Oh, you know, it’s very easy. Just go to and follow the onscreen instructions. If you register for the con and book your hotel room by March 1 you’ll earn yourself an awesome COB CRATE! so don’t delay…

I won’t. I’m doing it right now.

He he. You said “doing it”.