Con on the Cob is THIS WEEK!!! Important information for vendors and attendees.

Hey there friends! This here is the final group message going out to all you attendees, guests, vendors, performers, press peeps, volunteers, staffs, staphs, staves, artists, robot battlers, gamers, party people, and children of the cob.

First, some bullet points for those of you who hate reading:

    • Staff – Wednesday 6pm or Thursday 9am.
    • Vendors and Artists – Thursday 10am-2pm
  • TRICK OR TREATING – The Children of the Cob will meander through all of the areas of the con starting at 5pm on Saturday. If you wish to participate please have some candy or treat on hand.
  • PANELS AND WORKSHOPS – We have a buttload of panels and workshops.
  • THE AUCTION – Bring stuff to sell in the auction.
  • REGISTRATION – The registration desk and gift shop are across from the Mother of All Marketplaces. If you preordered a badge it will be waiting there for you, along with a schedule of the events you’ve signed up for. If you didn’t preregister you can nab a badge here.
  • COB CRATES – Cob Crates should be ready for pickup in the Gift Shop on Friday morning.
  • SCHEDULES and SUCH – Posters and schedules for the various activities, entertainments, parties, panels, and whatnot are included below.


Setup Times and Instructions

Staff & Volunteers

I (Andy) intend to arrive at the hotel at 6pm on Wednesday. If any staff members, volunteers, or friends can muster the gumption to join me I would consider it a solid ( a particularly dense solid, possibly iridium or osmium). If you can’t make it Wednesday night please try to be there as early as possible on Thursday.

Vendors and Artists

Vendor and artist setup is from 10am until 2pm on Thursday. If you get there earlier it’s possible we’ll be ready for you. It depends on how long it takes to get the tables and jazz in place.

Vendors should enter through the doors on either side of the Eastern branch of the building. Artists should come in through the hotel lobby. It doesn’t really make that much difference either way, since it’s not very far, but for the sake of expedience let’s pretend it does (it still doesn’t).

Here’s an overhead view from our spy satellite:


Please check in with Heather (in the art show), Gus (in the vendor hall), or any of the staff peeps at the registration desk when you arrive.

Children of the Cob

Trick or Treating

Various coblins and an assortment of Children of the Cob will be making the rounds Saturday around 5pm. They will visit all of the areas of con begging you for candy and validation of their vagrant lifestyle. Our advice to you is GIVE IN. They’ll learn they can count on people to give them free things and that’s a very valuable life lesson. Consider it a teachable moment and fork over a few M&Ms or something. You’ll be glad you did. If you don’t want to, don’t. It’s all good either way.

In the past we’ve usually had 30-40 trick or treaters.

Here are some items you might consider handing out:

  • Candy (duh)
  • Fruit
  • Boxes of Raisins because the kids need a new villain to hate
  • A Single Raw Potato
  • Ears of Corn
  • Dice
  • Toothbrushes (see Raisins above)
  • Money
  • More Money
  • Some Money for me
  • Alphabeast Soup, a sweet new story book by Andy Hopp you can nab at the Mutha Oith Creations booth in the Mother of All Marketplaces. Everyone needs at least twelve copies.
  • Some sort of plastic bug or something.

Here is a schedule of some of the activities we have planned for the chillunz:


Panels and Workshops and That Sort of Thing

Holy cow! Dig this packed schedule of panels and workshops and jazz.

If you can’t find something to do at Con on the Cob you’re probably some shriveled up husk of a beast whose only joy in life is pondering the cavernous confines of his (or her) own belly button (or maybe you just have a lot of unwelcome distractions in your life and you have trouble focusing.


The Auction

Auction? There’s an Auction at Con on the Cob?

There certainly is. Do you have any games, toys, books, videos, t-shirts, little brothers, comics, or any other geeky sort of stuff of which you’d like to divest yourself in exchange for cold hard cash? If so, bring it to Con on the Cob and see what can be seen. Looking for some rare and hard-to-find relic of ancient nerdliness? Who knows, maybe you’ll find it.

This is a silent auction, which means all of the items will be laid out on tables and bidders will have the chance to outbid each other by writing their names and bids on the attached bid sheets. When the auction ends at 8:30pm on Saturday whoever has the highest bid wins the item.

Hoomanitarian Merchant

Item drop-off occurs according to the schedule below. All you have to do is bring your jazz to the CotC Auctionarium (near the hotel registration desk) at the listed times, fill out a little bit of paperwork (you can even fill it out ahead of time and turn it in at the show if you want; just click that bid sheet thumbnail at the bottom of this page), and you’ll be all set. There is no fee to submit items to the auction, but Con on the Cob retains 15% of all sales to cover administrative costs and whatnot.


Auction Schedule

Item Drop Off

Thursday: 3pm-6pm
Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm

All items for action have to be submitted by noon on Saturday.

Open Bidding
Thursday: 3pm-6pm
Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday: 10am-8 pm

Bidding Ends:
Saturday 8:30pm

Item Pick up:
Saturday 8:45pm – 9:30pm
Sunday: 10am – noon

Cash out for items entered:
Sunday 1pm -3:30pm

Entertainment Schedule

Some of our favorite performers are back at Con on the Cob and we are veritably overflowing with happiness. Also some new peeps are here to regale us with ballads of yesteryear and assorted othernesses. Dig:


Add to that list a special screening of The Minerva Monster by local filmmaker Seth Breedlove at 9:00pm on Thursday and a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET SURPRISE SCREENING of Knights of the Dinner Table (Hopefully) at 10:00pm on Thursday (in the Artitorium).

Registration and Badge Pickup


If you preregistered for the con your badge it should be waiting for you at the Registration / Gift Shop / Raffle Zone across from the Mother of All Marketplaces. Also waiting for you will be a schedule listing all the events and games for which you have already reserved a space.

Cob Crates

Since the Cob Crates will be filled with items brought to us by some of our guests they probably won’t be ready until Friday morning. Please come by the registration desk to pick yours up.

Onsite Registration

If you did not preregister you can still nab a badge at the Registration desk. All is well.


Here’s the party schedule, dammit!


Next Year

The next Con on the Cob will take place November 10-13, 2016 at the same location. You will be able to preregister for the show at the registration desk (and save yourself some green by doing so).