Con on the Cob just won a MAJORLY MAJOR award!

Sweet jumpin’ dodo birds on a pgo stick! We done won us an award!

That’s absolutely correct, Con on the Cob AND Oddmall have been selected as the 2014¬†Best of Hudson Award for the Best Gaming Event in Hudson. Of course, we’re no longer in Hudson, but we were in 2014 and that’s good enough for us to feel jazzed about winning this prestigious honor.“But Andy,” you may ask (probably not out loud), “Isn’t this just another scam award that only exists in order to trick people into buying plaques?”

The answer to that question is multifarous, but the the short answer is “probably”. The long answer is, “probably, but absolutely not!” See, in order to nab this thing you still have to be nominated and a board of interested parties still votes on the nominees and decides a winner, so even though they really, really want to sell us a plaque we honestly did win a legitimate award (I’m still not buying the plaque, though).

So, thank you once again to all the amazing volunteers, vendors, advertisers, sponsors, attendees, fans, backers, venue holders, gamers, game masters, janitors, service crew, weather gawds, artists, traffic control engineers, power plant operators, farmers, truckers, delivery peeps, batmen, assorted non-Batman superheros, and award committee voters that helped us make Con on the Cob and Oddmall the winners of the Best of Hudson 2014 Totally Legit winner in the Games category. You all rule the world (except Hudson, which we apparently rule).