Con on the Cob Registration and Game Submission deadline draws nigh…

Attention all Coblins, Coblonians, Cobblers, Children of the Cob, and others interested in attending Con on the Cob 2017.

The deadline for discounted preregistration and event submissions is THIS FRIDAY, October 27, 2017. Following that date the online registration system will be turned off and no further discounted badges will be sold. You will still be able to get badges at the door, of course, but you will have to pay full price like a chump. Additionally, although events and games submitted after the deadline will not make it onto the formal schedule, you will still be able to submit games and run pickup games onsite.

Visit now to register and save yourself some coins.

Also, we had a recent cancellation in the Mutha of All Marketplaces, which means, as of the posting of this message, there are two booths currently available. Snatch them up before someone else does…

We are SOOOOO GOOSIN’ EXCITED about Con on the Cob 2017. It’s going to be epic. Bring your toga, your dice, and you sense of adventure. The Gawds of Coblympus await you!