Con on the Cob’s Art Show DEMANDS Your Participation!

Gee whiz, man. We just found out that a WHOLE BUNCH of really awesome artists kind of got snubbed by the restructuring of Gen Con’s art show. Much love to Gen Con and all, but that means a huge number my favorite people (and their incredible collections of my favorite art) won’t be going to Gen Con this year. This makes us sad.

So sad does it make us, in fact, that we’re offering the following deal to help ease the pain: If you are an artist or vendor who was previously a part of the Gen Con art show or vendor hall but didn’t make it in this year due to their new policies and jurying practices, consider hitting up Con on the Cob. Tell you what, every one of you who reserves your artist or vendor booth during the month of January (artists are not restricted to the art show, you can sell art in the vendor hall as well) will get a second badge absolutely free!!!!

That means, for only $80 you can have an artist or vendor booth and TWO 4-day con badges. This deal only applies to peeps who didn’t make it into Gen Con this year, but I have no way of verifying that so I guess it actually applies to everyone.

Here’s a link to the registration page.

Much love from Andy and the Con on the Cob Coblins!