Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: My game is quick/short. Can we play it more than once during a longer time slot?

A: Yes. As long as your players are up for it. We trust you to work that out amongst yourselves.

Q: How can I see how many people have signed up for my event so far?

A: Visit http://cononthecob.com/people-type/gamemasters, find and click on your name. Click on the event you would like to view. Find where it says “FREE TICKET” and click on “Show Details +” beside it. It will expand to show you how many people have signed up and how many spaces are still available. (If someone cancelled their spot, it may show that more tickets were sold than seats. Please ignore this column and look at “Remaining Seats” instead.)

Keep in mind – a large majority of attendees register for events on site during the con. Please give them a fair chance to sign up before you cancel your event due to “lack of players”. If you still need a couple players right before your event starts, be bold and ask the folks in the area! A surprising amount of folks will jump into an open spot in a game when asked!

Q: I need to cancel or change the time/day of my event.

A: We understand things come up and don’t mind making adjustments. Send an email to Andy at andy@andyhopp.com and let us know how we can help. Please keep in mind that changes may alter whether or not players already signed up will still be able to participate in the new time slot. Cancelling games prior to the con may result in the forfeit of the discount you may have received on your GM badge and you may be asked to pay the difference at the door (if you go under the required two events). We ask that GMs try to avoid cancelling games if players are already signed up to participate, unless, it is absolutely necessary.

*Note: If you show up to your scheduled event and no one has signed up to play, that is okay. We know it  happens. Submitting a dozen games to the schedule and cancelling them all when you pick up your badge because you’ve “changed your mind” is not (especially with players signed up to play), and you will not be able to keep the GM discount on your badge.

Q: What if I want to run pick-up games?/What if I want to continue my game past my scheduled time slot?

A: During CotC, if you decide you’d like to run a pick-up game – Awesome! Grab a bunch of folks and head over to Gaming HQ and ask for an open table. The volunteers at HQ will consult the master game schedule and find you an open table for your desired time slot/length of time and get you all set up! (*Note: Scheduled events have priority and may retain their table until the next scheduled event, per the master game chart at HQ. What does this mean? GMs are more than welcome to start early/continue past their scheduled time slot, but please check the schedule to make sure that you won’t be overflowing into someone else’s time slot.)

Q: I/Someone I know wants to be a Game Master – is it too late?/ I want to add more events to the schedule, is it too late?

A: Even if you missed the deadline for the Coins on the Cob promotion, it’s not too late to submit events/games to the official schedule! Anyone (with any type of badge) can run a game, if they so wish. Heck, it’s even encouraged! We will continue to accept events/games up to two weeks before the convention starts – but the sooner they are submitted, the better for nabbing prime time slots and tables.

After securing your badge, head on over to http://cononthecob.com/gaming/ to get started submitting your events!

If you have a question/concern we did not answer here, please submit a new ticket below.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Something amiss? Please let us know here!

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