Cosmic Circus? What the @$#% is a Cosmic Circus?

That, my friends, is a very good question. Only someone as brilliant and sexy as you would even think to ask such a thing.

cremefillian clown

A Cosmic Circus is one of those things, you know. Those things we all kind of know about right there on the verge of our cortex, but not quite firmly planted in our collective experience. For example, is it just like, you know, a circus that happens to be in space. What with the elephants and clowns and stuff only they’re all wearing Jetson’s style space helmets? Maybe. Is is a three-ring carnival run by aliens in the back of Farmer O’Grady’s barn? Possible, but I doubt it. More likely it’s this huge, galaxy-spanning entertainment extravagasm, hustled from planet to planet aboard brightly decorated space trains, spewing rambling calliope rumbles from their ionic steam locomotives or whatever they use on space trains nowadays. There’s noise. There’s excitement. There’re grifters and freaks and carnies. It’s a hectic, mind-expanding mix of all the things that are great about circuses (our animals are imaginary so we don’t have to worry about being cruel to them) and all the things that are great about, you know, aliens and stuff.

Also, you’ll be there, so there’s that to look forward to.

Also, Cosmic Circus is the theme for this year’s Con on the Cob. There will be Cosmic Circus themed games, Cosmic Circus themed decore, Cosmic Circus parties, a Cosmic Circus cavenger hunt, and all sorts of other wacky Cosmic Circus jazz. Also, tons of other exciting stuff. Put it on your calendar right freakin’ now. You won’t regret it.