CotC Cosplay Guest of Honor – CJ Bocchan in the house!

CJ (Bocchan)

CJ (Bocchan) began cosplaying at a young age learning from scratch about the convention scene with his family.  At the age of fifteen was the beginning of his preformance career in masquerades all over the USA, as well as, his journey into the costume making scene.  As an adult he works as a photographer and designer, with a passion for art.  Making lots of costumes, advocating for cosplayers against bullying, LGBT+, doing body positivity panels, and general fun hoopla have become the staple of this cosplayer’s fun and dreams.  In the future he hopes to continue supporting his community and doing charity service work.  As a part of Kangyaru Cosplay he enjoys performance with his friends exploring all that nerdom has with crazy antics, and of course tackling the crazy world of cosplay and fandoms.

CJ will be at Con on the Cob November 9-12. Say hello and get a high five or something.