CotC PreRegistration will end on October 4!

Con on the Cob Badge Preregistration ENDS at midnight OCTOBER 4!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the midnight that separates it from the 5th, not the one that starts the day. If you haven’t registered yet this is your FINAL CHANCE to save some clams and get yourself on the list. Head on over to as soon as possible to make it happen.

Game submissions and game registration end October 9, so you should probably attend to that jazz as well.

You’ll still be able to nab a badge and register for games onsite, but you’ll be paying full price (and nobody wants to pay full price like a savage beast, possibly some sort of snail).


The astute among you may notice this is a change from the previous post, which stated that preregistration would end on the 2nd. We love you so much we thought we’d give you two extra days…