Tabletop Crafting

Con on the Cob’s Tabletop Crafting track of programming and events features some of the industry’s finest talents leading workshops and panels on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Terrain Building
  • Prop Making
  • Miniature Painting
  • Miniature Sculpting
  • Materials and Techniques
  • Integrating Models and Craft Projects into Games.
  • Crafting with Papier Mache.
  • Moldmaking and Resin Pouring
  • Doll Customization
  • A Heck of a Lot More!

The Tabletop Crafting Zone is integrated with the Miniature Painting Area in the Atrium (as are the respective programming tracks). We’ve added extra tables and more usable space.


Tabletop Crafting and Miniatures Guests Include:

Legendary artist Sandra Garrity sculpts miniatures for companies such as Reaper Miniatures Inc., Ral Partha, Lance & Laser Models Inc., Mutha Oith Creations, Leading Edge Games, Game Lords Ltd., Alderic Entertainment Group (AEG), Thanes Games, Black Orc, Discount Hobby/Dark Ages Miniatures, Aspen Modeling Company, Talon Games(HAVIC), Guardians of Order, Rafm/Silver Fox, Dwarven Forge/Master Maze, Fantasy West, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Rawcliffe Pewter/a division of Encore Group Inc., Fortress Figures Inc., Hasbro Toy Group, Spirit of the Empire, and private commisions.  She’s awesome and one of our favorite people! This will be Sandy’s gazillionth Con on the Cob.Sandra will be teaching sculpting techniques and leading workshops in the Miniatures and Tabletop Crafting Zone.

Eric has been a freelance RPG writer for Savage Worlds since 2012. Mostly known for his non-linear adventure scenarios such as Fuhgeddaboudit!, he became a writer, designer, and project manager for Just Insert Imagination under which he recently wrote Wiseguys: The Savage Guide to Organized Crime. Eric is also the producer and co-host of the Wild Die Podcast; a Savage Worlds podcast going on its 5th year. Originally from Montreal, Canada, he now lives in Erie, Pennsylvania with his wife Amy. He enjoys watching hockey, culinary tourism, black chocolate, and tabletop crafting; a hobby that he uses to visually enhance the RPG games he runs.

Since 2016 Mango (they/them) (Coaster Customs) has been creating custom dolls inspired by their favorite roller coasters! An accomplished costume designer and artist, they have participated in several cosplay contests, even winning their category at the CotC 2019 Costume Contest. Mango will be offering a Doll Customizing workshop at Con on the Cob 2020.  

Jeff is an amazing cosplay and prop maker. Give him a big ol’ hug when you meet him. Tell him Andy said “Hello”. He’ll know what it means.

Scott is going to send his bio soon!