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Con on the Cob is all about the learning. With a whole host of demos, seminars, and workshops to choose from we have all your educational needs covered. If you are interested in hosting a discussion, seminar, workshop, demo, or anything else of that nature, please contact Kylan and we’ll set that baby up.

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All panels, except for Geeky and Kinky are in the Panels room near the hotel lobby. Geeky and Kinky is in the LARP room.


10-10:50 Mission: Impossible – Spies In Popular Culture

We love spies and here’s the proof! Kylan Toles will take the attendees on interesting journey from early novels to 2019 video games showcasing how people have always had a love affair with the world’s 2nd oldest profession and it doesn’t appear to be cooling off anytime soon.

11-11:50 Con On The Cob 101

Is this your first time or your 10? It doesn’t matter because all are welcome as CotC staffers Kylan Toles and Mark Bogner take the stage to talk all things COTC and field some questions along the way!

12-12:50 Cosplay & Charity 

Guest Knightmage hosts a panel about a subject dear to his heart, cosplay for a cause. He’ll share how he got into using cosplay for his charity work and how it continues to drive him keep giving back.

1-1:50 Making Aliens in 5e (Esper Genesis): Interactive

What is the difference between a fantasy monster and sci-fi creature? How does a game master portray such creatures in their alien habitats? And what makes such critters good challenges in 5e? Christopher Robin Negelein, one of the writers for the 5e sci-fi game of the ENnie nominated Esper Genesis, answers these questions and more as the audience helps conceptualize a sci-fi organism that will appear in a future Esper Genesis adventure.

2-2:50 Making a Successful Roleplaying Podcast

Harrison Hunt, along with fellow podcasters Gary McAllum (The Murder Hobo Sow) and Eric Lamoureux (Wild die Podcast) discuss the necessary elements to craft a successful Roleplaying podcast. We’ve all heard about them or may have even listened to one or two. Here is a look behind the curtain to see how it all works!

3-3:50 Afrofuturism 101

A look at past and present influences and artists of Afrofuturism, as well as a discussion on the social importance of the movement. Panelists will explore how sci-fi and speculative fiction enables social change and self-expression for people of color.

4-4:50 The World of Mutha Oith

Yes!! We did it!! The one and only Andy Hopp will sit for a few and share some insight on the world that he created Mutha Oith and Low Life. We’ll go from the beginnings to what he has planned for the future and everything in between. Maybe we can even get him to answer a question or two?


10-10:50 The Marvel Cinematic Universe in Review

Kylan Toles, one of Mighty Marvel Geeks Intrepid Trio will host a panel on the MCU, where it has been and where it is going. He’ll share insights on major story arcs that shaped the movies as well as what it can mean for the upcoming Disney + shows.

11-11:50 The Strangest RPG’s Ever Published

Harrison Hunt is a man with a lot of knowledge…of weird RPGs! How weird? The only way to find out is to sit in on this panel. When you’re done you may find yourself on a mission to expand your gaming library!

12-12:50 Storytime With Uncle Kylan

That weird thing that happened on the Oddmall stage and the Oddmall Outpost is now happening in the panel room. Uncle Kylan will read, for your enjoyment 2-3 stories in the only way the Uncle Kylan can!!

1-1:50 World Building in the Cypher RPG: Interactive

The cypher mechanic is one of the most fun and spontaneous aspects of game play in the Cypher RPG. But many times a GM comes up blank on how to thematically fit cyphers into their next campaign. The audience and Christopher Robin Negelein will create a bespoke setting where the cyphers play an integral part of the world. Christopher, AKA Ganza Gaming, is a Cypher System Content Creator with multiple 5-star PDFs and Electrium-level sales on DriveThruRPG.Com and a game/story writer for Esper Genesis (sci-fi D&D 5e.)

2-2:50 Geekville Podcast

Seth Zillman brings his podcast from Chicago to Con on the Cob for your listening pleasure, but you get to be there as it happens! Strap in and get ready to geek out!

3-3:50 The Worlds of Alpha Riff and Juice Lee

Nerdcore artist and cyberspace rebel Alpha Riff and the rappatistic warrior Juice Lee take a break from the stage to sit and share with Con on the Cob their creative processes and what it is like to be black entertainers in the vast genre of Nerdcore.

4-4:50 Professional RPGs vs Genre Fiction World Building

Raymond E. Feist, China Mieville and GRRM are authors who have mixed their creative passions for TTRPGs with fiction. But every medium has different needs when it comes to world building. Come discover and discuss these differences and how to tackle them with Christopher Robin Negelein, who is a game/story writer for Esper Genesis (sci-fi D&D 5e) and Cypher System content creator.

5-5:50 Examining The Doctor Podcast

Seth Zillman hosts a panel featuring the Examining The Doctor Podcast. The show takes a Doctor Who episode and breaks it down, sharing behind the scenes trivia and factoids that true fans of The Doctor will enjoy.

9-9:50 Geeky and Kinky: BDSM 101 RESTRICTED to 18 y/o and up only


10-11:50 CotC Morning Movie

You know that you partied so hard Saturday night that all you can manage is to wake up to some geeky awesomeness on the big”ish” screen!

Noon Geek Watch One Podcast

Join the Geek Watch One crew as they record this week’s episode, talking all things geek and recapping the fun of Con on the Cob.

The Dungeon (FREE Miniatures Paint & Take and Classes)

Rather than host a set schedule of demos, our miniature painting and sculpting team invites you to approach them at any time to request advice, demonstrations, or conversations about any techniques that interest you.