1107: Return to the Barrier Peaks (Savage Worlds)

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  • November 9, 2018
    7:00 pm - 11:00 pm



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Last Parsec Meets D&D!

EZ 215-C has long been a mystery to us. It was first discovered 140 years ago when the JumpCorp Collector Ship (“JCCS”) Argos crash landed there while doing a survey for “interesting life forms.” Our efforts to rescue the crew proved futile — whatever mysterious forces that brought down the Argos threatened to take down any other ship that entered within its gravity well. Since that time, the whole solar system has been off limits except for a few long-range survey teams.
Professor Ixis has developed a shielding mechanism that will protect a small ship that enters into EZ 215-C’s gravity well. He has secured a number of volunteers and funding from JumpCorp Science and Research Department. There are high hopes that we can study this planet closer and see what has led to its unusual bio-diversity.

Day: Friday
Start: 7 pm
End: 11 pm

Rule System: Savage Worlds

Ages: 0-150
Rating: PG
Experience Needed: None

Location: Savage Worlds, Table #S01