Food Trucks at Con on the Cob? You bet your shiny wazoo…

Hey there Friends,

Something new is happening at Con on the Cob this year and I think you’ll be very excited to read about. Actually, if you read the headline you already have read about it. I guess it’s not a surprise anymore.

Anyway, Stray Dog, Jim’s Funnel Cakes, Lobster Louie’s, and Cedar Grill will be gracing the parking lot outside door 6 with their yummy vittles. They will also (hopefully) be sending waiter types or volunteers into the building to take orders and deliveries for the gaming tables and vendor booths.

The hotel will still be providing breakfast as usual, but the hotel restaurant will not be open for lunch or dinner. Instead, we have awesomeness. The hotel will, however, be plopping a cash bar downstairs in the atrium during the day on Friday and Saturday so those of you who like to drink while you game will be able to do so.

How about here?