Did I read that correctly?

I can’t speak to your literacy, my friend, but that headline does indeed indicate a person could potentially nab FREE admission to Con on the Cob forever and ever, into perpetuity, and so on…

That sounds way too good to be true.

It’s not.

Are you sure.

Yes. I am certain.

What’s the rub? Give me the skinny…

Sure thing. It’s actually incredibly easy. One person will be nabbing free admission to Con on the Cob for the rest of his or her life. We will be doing a random drawing at the CotC closing ceremony on Sunday November 11, 2018. The winner will never have to pay to get into Con on the Cob again. Furthermore, the winner will nab a free three night hotel stay at Con on the Cob 2019 and a prize package of other Con on the Cob and related goodies.

How do I enter?

Here’s where it gets even more interesting. Contestants can participate in a number of ways, earning entries into the drawing in various manners and for various reasons. Here they are:

  • A CotC 2018 Four Day or Vendor badge earns you one entry. If you preregister by nabbing your badge online you get an extra entry (two total entries).
  • Buying a 2018 CotC T-shirt earns you one entry, either in the Con on the Cob Souvenirium or online.
  • Each night you book at the host hotel during Con on the Cob earns you one entry. If you stay four nights you get four entries, etc… You must book your hotel before November 1, 2018 by calling the following number and you MUST tell them you are with Con on the Cob: (330) 659-6151
  • If you stay four or five nights in the hotel you will earn an extra entry (five or six entries instead of four or five).
  • Reserving an artist or vendor booth at CotC 2018 nabs you an extra entry.
  • You may go to the CotC Souvenirium to spend Coins on the Cob on entries into the drawing. Two Coins on the Cob are equal to one entry (Coins on the Cob are earned by Game Masters who submitted their events by September 1).

So, a vendor who stays four nights at the hotel, buys a shirt, and spends six Coins on the Cob will get a total of eleven entries in the drawing.

Will there be other prizes as well?

There sure will! Lots of them. It’s a surprise though, which means we haven’t decided what yet.

Is there a catch?

No, but there are some rules and stipulations.

  1. If the total number of hotel nights rented by 2018 CotC attendees is less than 300 by November 1 the contest will not happen. This is the magic number we need in order to get the best rate on the venue space.
  2. If the total number of hotel room rentals exceeds 350 we will draw TWO GRAND PRIZE WINNERS.
  3. The grand prize is not transferable. If you win you get in free for life but you may not give your prize to another person unless you let us know who you are giving it to on Sunday November 11, 2018.

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