Game and Event Registration

**You must have your Con on the Cob badge number handy when registering for games and events. Your badge number is the same as your order number, which will be listed on the receipt emailed to you after you register. If you registered outside of the website, your badge number will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

To view a pdf version of the schedule in chart form, please click here. (Updated 9/18/14.)  To see the games listed by day and time, please click here. (Updated 9/18/14) If you would prefer to see the events and listings in an Excel document, you can download that here. (Both charts can be accessed by the tabs at the bottom of the page.) (Updated 9/18/14)

As games and events are added to the schedule, we will be sure to upload updated versions of the pdf.

How to sign-up for events

1. Login in
2. Select 1 game you would like to participate in. (If you select more than one, it will not allow you to proceed properly.) Click “Next” at the bottom.
3. On the calendar page, click the blue time slot given. (If the game is full, I believe it turns red and will not allow you to click it.)
4. It will take you to the next page, at the bottom, click “book now”.
5. A booking confirmation page will pop up. At the bottom it will also say “click here to make another booking”. (If you do not see this confirmation, your game has not been saved to your schedule!)

**When choosing and signing up for games, please select only one at a time. Once you have finished adding the first game to your schedule, you can come back and add the next. Checking more than one checkbox will cause you to get stuck on the next screen and your game will not be added to your schedule.

**Game Masters- If you are looking for a schedule of events you are RUNNING, please email Krystal at We will also have a printout of your schedule on site for you to pick up with your badge. If you have signed up to participate IN games, you can view that schedule online through the appointy system. You do not need to signup to participate in games that you are running.


I Want to Run a Game!

Excellent! So do I. Please fill out this super cool form. If you sign up to run at least two games before August 1 you qualify for the discounted GM badge, you lucky kid.