Gaming at Con on the Cob is FREE AGAIN!!!!!!!

After two years of partnering with our friends at MSTB gaming, the staff of Con on the Cob have decided we really like running the con ourselves. We thank MSTB for their service and wish them luck and happiness in all future endeavors. This was an amicable split and really just came down to the fact that we enjoy running Con on the Cob, even the stressful parts, and we want Con on the Cob to be Con on the Cob flavored. What this means is to you is that your Con on the Cob registration badge (available right now at once again entitles you to:

FREE Gaming!!!
FREE Parties!!!
FREE Panels, workshops, seminars, and demos!!!
FREE Entry into the Mother of All Marketplaces!!!
FREE Entry into the Con on the Cob ARTitorium!!!
FREE Food and drinks in the Con Suite!!!
FREE Hanging out with our special guests!!!!
FREE Hugs, high fives, and exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All sorts of other FREE stuff!!!

Speaking of special guests, did you know

Larry Elmore
Fred Fields
Jolly Blackburn
Sandra Garrity
and Eloy LaSanta

will all be at Con on the Cob this year? It’s true, they will. These fantastic artists and celebrated game designers are eager to meet you, hang out with you, game with you, and be your new best friend. So, what the heck are you waiting for? REGISTER FOR CON ON THE COB RIGHT NOW!!!!