Con on the Cob is so chock full of games they are literally running out our wazoo (figuratively speaking, of course). There are role-playing games of all types, board games, miniature games, card games, party games, artsy games, live action games, video games, computer games, and just about any other sort of game you can imagine. We have scheduled games, game tournaments, open games, and tons of special gaming events and gatherings. There’s the chronically fabulous Gathering of Savages for all your Deadlands and Savage Worlds fans out there. We have a complete schedule of Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society games. Rogue Cthulhu is in the house! Man, we have so many freakin’ games I’m getting tired of writing about them.

Can I Get a Schedule or Something?

   View & Sign up for Games

The schedule is a living, breathing thing and is subject to change. In keeping with tradition, peeps are procrastinating when it comes to submitting their events. Although the schedule may look a bit scraggly at the moment, rest assured it will plump up as time passes. 

*Before you sign up to play games or be in any events, if you haven’t yet signed up for your CotC badge, you will need to do that first. You can find badges here.

I Want to Run a Game!

Excellent! So do I. Please fill out this super cool form. If you sign up to run games AND purchase your badge before August 1 you can earn yourself some Coins on the Cob, you lucky kid!

Submit Your 2019 Games & Events HERE!!

If you have several events to submit, you may find this handy dandy downloadable form super helpful!
CotC2019 Game Downloadable Submission Form (Click me!) 

Here’s a map of the Atrium (the main gaming area).


The Con on the Cob Unlame Game & Claim

Here’s something totally great. Allow me to explain:

Demo a game donated by our amazing sponsors and you’ll earn a ticket. You can put that ticket in any one of the envelopes for a chance to win the game featured on that envelope. You can play as many games as you want and you’ll earn a ticket for each different game you play. It’s a great way for publishers to spread the word about their games and it’s an equally great way for CotC attendees to nab some sweet swag. Win-win.

If you are a publisher interested in donating games to the Unlame Game & Claim please contact Andy, or just send them along to:

Con on the Cob
772 East Lake Rd

Akron OH 44319

Please check out the Sponsorship Page for more details about CotC sponsorships opportunities.


The Con on the Cob Games Library

We have dozens of awesome games just kind of sitting around waiting for you play them. The Games Library is located in the atrium, near Gaming HQ. In order to check out a game you must surrender a valid ID, which will be returned to you upon return of the game. Games may be taken to the Con Suite or anywhere else in the hotel. Check with Gaming HQ to find a free table nearby.


Thursday is THAC0 Thursday!

THAC0 Thursday at Con on the Cob is a great time to play all those old school games you’ve been nostalgically hankering for. Let’s get those games on the schedule, friends!

Find out all about it here!