Geekfest! – Oddmall, Con on the Cob, Mutha Oith Creations, and Geek Watch One join the fun.

Hey you. Yeah, you. What are you doing on July 25th from 12:00-4:00pm?

Who me? I was just going to loaf around the house. Maybe have a pizza or something. Change my socks…

That sounds boring. You should come to Geekfest at the Akron Public Library instead.

Why would I want to do that. Sounds like it involves getting off the couch…

Because it WILL BE SUPER FUN!!!

I do enjoy super fun things. Tell me more.

First, look at this awesome flyer:

Geekfest 2015 flyer picture

Wow! That sure looks like a lot of super fun geeky stuff to do. Super fun, indeed. Ok, I’m convinced. Will you be there too?

Absolutely! Not only will Mutha Oith Creations have a booth where we’ll be showing off (and selling) our new games and books, our pals from Geek Watch One will be podcasting live from the event (or at least recording live at the event), and we’ll be registering peeps for Con on the Cob badges and Oddmall booths as well.

How much will all this awesomeness cost me?

Absolutely nothing at all! Geekfest is totally free to all. Even parking is free. Be there. Be there! BE THERE!

Anything I can do to help out?

Well, if you are an artsy sort of person and you have some fan art you’d like to show off you can get in on that action. Here’s another flyer:

Fan Art Wanted

Should I wear a costume? I want to wear a costume…

YES! If that’s what you’re into DO IT! In fact, if you represent a fan club or cosplay group you should totally contact Sarah Rosenberger ( and maybe she can hook you up with a booth or some sort of special zone or something.

Ok, I’m snagged. Reel me in.

Ummm… Look at that first flyer again. It’s going to be awesome!