Gut Bustin’ Games at Con on the Cob

Oh man…

Last time Lisa Steenson and Gut Bustin’ Games showed up at Con on the Cob we nearly had a riot on our hands. A riot of AWESOMENESS that is! There was so much amazingness and so many madcap misadventures my computer doesn’t even have enough memory to describe them all in detail.

Hillbilly Leg Wrestling for crappy flea market furniture? Check.

Do you really need to know anything else?

Get your shiny wazoo to Con on the Cob.

Seriously, man, check out this lineup of special guests:

Jolly “Motherlovin'” Blackburn
Larry “The Sexecutioner” Elmore
Fred “Fred” Fields
Eloy “Dig My Snazzy Afro” LaSanta
Sandra “Cute Little Ducky” Garrity
Lisa “Velveeta Fountain” Bowman-Steenson
Santa “The Chimney Diver” Claus
Tony “Buns of” Steele
Heather “My Little Demon” Kreiter
Jamie “Something Interesting About Jamie” Chambers
Lester “Chest Hair” Smith
Ken “Give Me a Dollar or I’ll Touch You” Whitman
Silvervine “Nothing Under Me Kilt” Games
Don “My Name Rhymes With Ron” Goddard
And many “many” more…