G’Zoink – New Low Life Card Game to be Released at Con on the Cob

As a special thanks to all the amazing peeps who come to Con on the Cob and also to those who are backing the current kickstarter campaign for the new G’Zoink – The Great Giggity Gigging Galavant card game, I have decided to unveil G’Zoink at Con on the Cob. Our first games will take place during the Fancy-Schmancy Artsy-Fartsy Arteests’ Soirre and Champagne Meet and Greet on Thursday night. It’ll be super fun and everyone’s invited.


G’Zoink is a quick, easy to play, game in which rival giggity giggers compete to nab giggities with the most desirable traits and thereby become the most awesome giggity gigger to ever gig a giggity! There’s even a drinking game expansion in case you’re into that sort of thing.


I’m considering making a FREE exclusive Con on the Cob themed G’Zoink promo card for all the peeps who come to the Con, but we’ll have to see how the stars align and whatnot.