Holy cow! It’s not even February yet and the CotC 2020 Guest List is LIT!

Every year at Con on the Cob we offer the opportunity to meet some of the geek world’s most iconic creators. Artists, game designers, musicians, and a motley assortment of interesting characters are there for your hanging-out-with enjoyment.

Greetings fellow Coblins, Coblonauts, Coblinians, and Children of the Cob,

It is with a great deal of happiness that I present to you a brief listing of some of Con on the Cob 2020’s special guests. Please look forward to basking in the exultant presence of the likes of:

Eloy Lasanta is a game designer, writer, publisher, and gamer from Tampa, FL and owner of Third Eye Games (thirdeyegames.net). With his innovative and ever-expanding systems, DGS (Dynamic Gaming System) and Pip System, he has produced several RPG settings (so far): Apocalypse Prevention, Inc 2nd Edition, Part-Time Gods, Mermaid Adventures and AMP: Year One, with plenty more in the works. He works hard on his own projects, as well as freelancing to help other designers bring their worlds to life, and is known as “The hardest working man in RPGs”. It’s his third year at Con On The Cob!

At the intersection of Alternative Hip-Hop and Progressive Rock, where epic stories are told through music, pixel art, novels, trading cards, and more, lies Alpha Riff. Father of the Digital Champions, a series that spans albums with songs that are as bombastic and grandiose as they are intimate and forlorn, Alpha Riff began in 2012 with the release of several Nerdcore Hip-Hop EPs and albums. He carved a niche as one of the prominent storytellers in the scene. Now, he delivers his fiery style with guitars, booming timpani, chaotic bass lines, and a spit-fire flow that forces your body to move with the rhythm.  

Legendary artist Sandra Garrity sculpts miniatures for companies such as Reaper Miniatures Inc., Ral Partha, Lance & Laser Models Inc., Mutha Oith Creations, Leading Edge Games, Game Lords Ltd., Alderic Entertainment Group (AEG), Thanes Games, Black Orc, Discount Hobby/Dark Ages Miniatures, Aspen Modeling Company, Talon Games(HAVIC), Guardians of Order, Rafm/Silver Fox, Dwarven Forge/Master Maze, Fantasy West, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Rawcliffe Pewter/a division of Encore Group Inc., Fortress Figures Inc., Hasbro Toy Group, Spirit of the Empire, and private commisions.  She’s awesome and one of our favorite people! This will be Sandy’s gazillionth Con on the Cob.
Sandra will be teaching sculpting techniques and leading workshops in the Miniatures and Tabletop Crafting Zone.

Michael “Knightmage” Wilson has been cosplaying since 2012. The 18 year veteran Deputy Sheriff and Stuntman has turned the art of cosplay from a hobby to a full fledged passion. Genuinely loving to entertain, create, inspire, spread positivity and make a difference, cosplaying has become that avenue. From being a decorated Deputy Sheriff to working on big budget Hollywood films to receiving awards for his costuming as well as for his charity work including the Presidential Volunteers Service Award, Knightmage continues to strive to be a representative of ideas and possibilities.

Alan hasn’t sent me his bio yet, but he is the founder of Tuesday Knight Games and the co-creator of the massively popular Two Rooms and a Boom party game, among many other awesome things.

Kira is a tabletop roleplaying game designer, queer nonbinary cyborg, and snake friend living in Columbus, Ohio. The creator of A Cozy Den (about lesbisnakes in winter time) and  Something Is Wrong Here (an uncanny emotional love letter to David Lynch’s work), Kira also has a Patreon and YouTube vlog that elaborate on game design process. Kira organizes #Aprilttrpgmaker every year and collaborates on the biweekly More Seats at the Table which is a newsletter featuring marginalized game makers. Follow current projects at @Kiranansi on twitter.  

Irvine Ondrey Engineering has been designing and building control systems for roller coasters since 1998. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the amusement industry and commissioned some of the most popular roller coasters in the world. Brian, Anne, Gabe, BP, and other representatives of Irvine Ondrey will be presenting panels and events about a variety of coaster, engineering, and insider topics. 

Preserving the past for the kids of tomorrow! Coaster Universe Preservation Museum is tracking down the forgotten history of amusement parks across the nation! CUPM will be presenting a super cool ABANDONED AMUSEMENT PARK display in the atrium featuring actual rides and relics from real abandoned and defunct parks! 

Since 2016 Mango (they/them) (Coaster Customs) has been creating custom dolls inspired by their favorite roller coasters! An accomplished costume designer and artist, they have participated in several cosplay contests, even winning their category at the CotC 2019 Costume Contest. Mango will be offering a Doll Customizing workshop at Con on the Cob 2020.  

Lindsay Shepard is a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Associate of Arts degree. Her obsession – er – HOBBY is costuming. She has worked with nearly any kind of media you can think of, but prefers cosplay, drawing and photography. 

Robert A. Turk is an entertainer, author, poet, sculptor, mask maker, game designer, and slightly odd individual. He lives in a very old and possibly haunted house in Ohio, with his wonderful wife, his two incredibly creative children, an old lazy dog, and some rather uncolorful fish. 

Gandersnitch the Goblin was once a respected and notorious Barber in the savage country of Goblonia. He would lure away pretty mortals, entice them into the height of Goblin fashion, and set them loose of fancy fairy parties. He was apprehended by the artists of Goblin Road, found guilty of crimes against fashion by a faerie high court, and chained to his cart in service of the Fae realm. Since then he has grown fond of mortals, reformed his wicked ways, and now seeks to use his skills and wares to disguise the innocent from the darker and more dangerous elements of fairy revels. Also, he died recently, apparently. 

John Dunn’s been active in the RPG community since the early ’90s as an author for RPGA convention scenarios and later as the coordinator for the Shadowrun Missions ongoing campaign. In more recent years, his focus has shifted to work as a freelance game developer. He’s worked with Fantasy Flight Games, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Catalyst Game Labs, and others. This includes work on RPG lines for Star Wars, Warhammer 40,000, Mutant Chronicles, and Shadowrun. He owns and develops for Melior Via, LLC, publisher of Accursed and Hope Preparatory School. 

Electro Z Cosplay uses his costumes for entertainment as well as work for charity. He is also a 5th Degree black belt in Tae kwon-Do. This allows him to do some cool things in costumes such as the red ranger or spiderman. He is a member of the 501st legion (the largest star wars costume group in the world, which raises a lot of money for charities) and the Heroes Alliance 

Is it lame to make yourself a guest at your own convention? Yes. Yes it is. Nevertheless, I persist. Among other things, Andy Hopp (that’s me) is the author and illustrator of the celebrated (by some, derided by others) Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly roleplaying game as well as the companion books The Whole Hole – A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith – Volume 01: Keister Island and Holy Crap: The Great Sects Change Operation. He also wrote and illustrated Alphabeast Soup, a story book for connoisseurs of all ages, and a whole bunch of other stuff with which you may or may not be familiar.
Find him everywhere at Con on the Cob, especially during the Low Life VIP game he’ll be hosting (check out the pledge levels) and anywhere else you see a guy who looks like Danny DeVito.  

RMC Connoisseurs is a laid-back, no punches pulled group of RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) fans from around the world. They strive to bring a fun, chill, and safe environment where anybody can join in the conversation. Check out this fantastic Facebook group by clicking on these words I am currently typing.  

This awesome group of friends will be hosting the Friday Night Horror Movie Mayhem Party and running Call of Cthulhu games throughout Con on the Cob. 

The lovely Scarlett Valentine and her talented associates perform the hugely popular CotC Drag Show on Saturday night. Don’t miss it! 

Geek Watch One is a weekly podcast covering all things geek! Hosts Kylan and Ken, along with web goddess Miss Dawn and queen of distractions Vicky, cover everything from Star Wars to Doctor Who, Marvel and DC to gaming and wrestling, big cons to local events. With a new issue every week, there’s always geek news to cover! 

Tony Steele. Physician, scientist. Searching for the key to unlock man’s potential. When an accidental overdose of gamma radiation….no wait that was other kids. With 15+ years as a professional artist for screen printing industry and 10+ years as a freelance artist for board and card game companies doing illustration in many genres such as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Humor, Horror, Concept Art, our lad is a one to watch. Also he’s recently stepped into the world of 3d modeling and prototyping with Scott Frank and Kay Steele in the guise of Frank & Steele. And I or he is a really nice guy, be not afraid of my or rather his hugeness and beard. Both are friendly. 


From his Arctic ice palace at the Earth’s North Pole, The Real For Realsies Santa Claus watches over an empire of gift-crafting elves and magical flying rainbows. Once a year he launches his reindeer-powered magic sleigh skyward in search of giftless children upon whom to bestow his bounty. Yeah, that’s right, Santa comes to Con on the Cob! 

Bryan is the creator of the World of Incursion, and is the author of, among other things, the Knight’s Bane Trilogy of novels and the Hidden Worlds: Incursion roleplaying game.  

A class clown and comic book nerd, Juice Lee started rapping at the age of 12 and perfected the craft in his early years by freestyling and engaging in emcee battles at the now defunct Cincinnati hip hop club, Top Cats. Since then, he has developed the ability to speak to an audience’s soul through his high energy and soulful performances and leave them salivating for more. Catch him at Con on the Cob’s Nerdcore Explosion!

Since the age of 16 Justin has toured playing violin and has graced stages in such cities as New York City, L.A., Tokyo, Osaka , among many others. Skilled in a variety of genres ranging from classical to new age and has had experience in many different positions ranging from solo acts to bands and ethnic music groups. He has also taken part in several high profile international festivals such as the Kansai Foreign Music festival and has collaborated with Kansai MUSE in Japan. 

2d6 is the fusion of two gigantic nerds that learned to rap by finding magical 6-sided dice. Fo Reelz, no lies. 2d6 performances are, historically, among CotC’s most popular events. 2d6 will perform a concert at Con on the Cob if we reach $4000 in funding.

The Tangent-Bound Network of podcasts is committed to bringing you new and useless entertainment from all over. They will be podcasting from the balcony overlooking the atrium throughout Con on the Cob. 


The Gamers’ Keep, Barberton, Ohio’s Magic: The Gathering Superstore, hosts all of Con on the Cob’s M:TG tournaments and scheduled play. Find them in the atrium. 



Jeff is an amazing cosplay and prop maker. Give him a big ol’ hug when you meet him. Tell him Andy said “Hello”. He’ll know what it means.

Mark Cooper is a Nerdcore artist/producer coming from the heart of the motor city of Detroit,MI. Although he is a newer face in the community, he has shared the stage with Substantial, Sammus, Mega Ran, and various others to name a few. One word to describe is style of music is “Nostalgic”. The content he brings to the table can definitely relate to anyone childhood memories and trigger a great experience. Currently Mark has released his new project “The Allspark” which is taking the internet by storm. This is definitely an artist you want to experience perform and follow on his journey throughout time.

Shannon is the master of Curvy Cosplay, a former CotC cosplay contest winner and CotC Cosplay Guest of Honor, and a damn fine human being!
Huge Euge was conceived at Pee Wees Playhouse in 1986. As a teenager, he joined a punk band, playing the drums and yelling a lot. After the band broke up, he decided to make some beats on GarageBand and write some lyrics. His singalong songs are catchy and fun. In 2018, he released the “Three First Names EP” and in 2020 he’ll be releasing his first full length record!