Katie Starr: CotC Cosplay Guest of Honor

Wait, what? Con on the Cob has a cosplay guest of honor this year?

We most certainly do. Along with our new digs comes more room for cosplaying and cosplay related panels and activities. To celebrate such things, we invited cosplay legend Katie Starr to share her awesomeness.


Do you have some sort of biography, perhaps written in her own words?

Indeed I do. Read on…

Raised in a family full of creative types, Katie Starr has been in costume for a very long time between dance recitals and some amazing Halloween costumes made by her mother.

Katie attended the University of Akron and earned a degree in Art Education as well as a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. She began making historical costumes in 2003 and many years later began cosplaying. Though Katie makes the majority of her costumes and props from scratch from self-taught techniques, she believes strongly in helping those wishing to pursue costuming by not only providing detailed tutorials on her blog as well as encouraging everyone to costume in whatever way possible and comfortable.

Katie works out of Akron, Ohio and also works full time as an art teacher. She attends conventions all over the country to share her love of costuming and all things nerdy. She lives with her two cats, Olive and Rory, who work endlessly to make all cosplay plans more difficult than they need to be and receive free room and board for it.


That sounds amazing. Katie seems like quite a catch. Do you think she might talk to me in person, or is she too cool for that sort of thing?

Absolutely! Katie is amazingly awesome. She’s super talented and cute to boot. She’s all about sharing her cosplay stories and experiences with the peeps (that’s you. You’re the peeps).


I am so there! How do I sign up?

Simplicity itself, my friend. Just mosey on over to the Con on the Cob website (www.cononthecob.com) and click the registration tab. If you make your hotel reservation by March 1 you get to save a lot of money and also you get a very special, amazingly amazing, exclusive reward that we’ll be announcing very soon.


Ok. I’m convinced. See you in October.

Cool. See you then.