Legendary Fantasy Illustrator Fred Fields Joins the Con on the Cob Stable!

Do you peeps have any idea how excited we are to welcome legendary fantasy illustrator Fred Fields to our stable of guests?

No? Well, it’s a lot. A lot of excited.

Fred joins the great Larry Elmore, the rare-and-elusive-never-before-photographed Eloy Lasanta, the lovely and talented Sandra Garrity, and the devilishly handsome Jolly Blackburn as a guest of honor for Con on the Cob‘s October 16-19 show in Hudson, Ohio.

Fred worked for seven years as a cover illustrator at TSR Inc. and later with Wizards of the Coast where he worked with such notably talented illustrators as Jeff Easley, Clyde Caldwell, Alan Pollack, Dana Knutson, Tony Sczcudlo, Robh Ruppel and Brom. He later spent several years in Arizona painting the sons and daughters of the great American West. He has also worked as a concept artist for Dream Forge Entertainment and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.

Currently Fred is a self-employed illustrator, concept artist, storyboard artist and fine art painter. He now resides in his native state of Kentucky with his wife and sons. Life is good.