Make your Con on the Cob hotel reservation RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Good day, friends,

We are extremely excited to hang with our CotC pals in just a few weeks. If you are coming to the con and you haven’t made your hotel reservation yet please DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! Last year the hotel sold out and I don’t want anyone to be left stranded.

Days Inn & Suites
4742 Brecksville Rd
Richfield, OH 44286

(330) 659-6151

Make sure to tell them you are with Con on the Cob to get the best rate. I can not stress this enough. It is so extremely important the planet may actually implode if you do not follow this direction (actually, it will just cost us a lot more to rent the venue and that would suck).

2016 Room Rate Schedule

Until July 1st: $99/night
July 2nd – November 9th: $109/night
At the door: $119/night