Music & Entertainment

Con On The Cob – Main Stage

7pm – Opening Ceremony

5pm – Gandersnitch the Goblin – Talk Show w/ Special Guests (any who want to be on stage and interviewed by a puppet.)
6pm – Justin Curry
7pm – The Comic Sads (18+)
8pm – Atomic Houdini
9pm – Alpha Riff
10pm – The Geek Peek Review presented by Geek Watch One (18+)
12am – Karaoke on the Cob

5pm – The Great Debate: Lovecraft vs Gandersnitch
6pm – Juice Lee
7pm – Cosplay Extravaganza
8pm – Destini Beard
9pm – 2D6 (18+)
10pm – Drag on the Cob (18+)
12am – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sunday Oct 6
12pm – Geek Watch One…Live
1:30pm – The Corniest Jam Session Ever… for this year
3pm – Closing Ceremony / Corny Awards

Con On The Cob – Con Suite Stage

Saturday Oct 5
1pm – Justin Curry
2pm – Alpha Riff
3pm – Atomic Houdini