Music & Entertainment

The following special guests (along with others yet to be announced) will be entertaining us at Con on the Cob!

Legendary nerdcore pioneer MC Lars will be joining us at Con on the Cob! Tickets for his performance are only $10 and ARE NOW ON SALE! Due to space constraints only 100 tickets will be sold to MC Lars’ performance. You don’t necessarily have to have a ticket to get in (although you do need a CotC badge), but ticketed attendees will be given access before unticketed attendees. Space is limited, so nab your tickets now!

Con On The Cob – Main Stage (tentative schedule – subject to change)

7pm – Opening Ceremony

10am –
12pm –
1pm –
2pm –
3pm –
4pm –
5pm – Gandersnitch the Goblin – Talk Show w/ Special Guests (any who want to be on stage and interviewed by a puppet.)
6pm – Justin Curry
7pm – Crimson Alchemist
8pm – Mark Cooper
9pm – Worm Quartet
10pm – 2d6
11pm – TBA
12am – Karaoke on the Cob

10am –
12pm –
1pm –
2pm –
3pm – The CotC Geeky Spelling Bee
4pm –
5pm – Juice Lee
6pm – Huge Euge
7pm – Cosplay Extravaganza
8pm – Alpha Riff
9pm – MC Lars!!!!!!!!!!
10pm – Drag on the Cob (18+)
12am – Rocky Horror Picture Show

10am – Rap Session: A Nondenominational Faith Service and Nerdcore Show with Erik Stephen
12pm – Geek Watch One…Live
1:30pm – The Nerdcorniest Jam Session So Far…
3pm – Closing Ceremony / Corny Awards

Con On The Cob – Con Suite Stage

1pm – Justin Curry
2pm – Aiden
3pm – TBA

Con On The Cob – Hotel Lobby

1pm – TBA

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