Nab your Con on the Cob badge by January 1st and get a FREE CUSTOM DIE and also something else cool might happen…


I have a nice shiny new CUSTOM six-sided die for the first 50 people who nab their Con on the Cob 4-Day Vendor badge, Vendor Booth, Artist Booth, or SUPER ULTRA MEGA DEAL by January 1st, 2019! This die is really something special. It doesn’t actually exist yet, so I can’t show it to you, but it will feature original artwork instead of the “1” and will be super cool. If you’ve seen the dice we’ve produced in the past (featuring a blorb and a coblin) then you catch my drift.

The die will be given to the FIRST FIFTY people who reserve a Four Day or S.U.M.D. badge or a vendor or artist booth using our online registration system ( This will be the ONLY way to nab one of these dice in the exclusive color and no more than 50 will be produced.


There’s another thing. People keep telling me (Andy) I should get a Con on the Cob tattoo. I am giving in to peer pressure. If 100 registration badges (or artist and vendor booths) are reserved by February 13, 2019 I will indeed get a Con on the Cob themed tattoo on my right forearm as a gift to myself on my birthday. I’ll even livestream the process (if the artist allows it). That’s pretty exciting, right?

I’ll also get a haircut (but just a trim).

So, to reiterate:

First 50 registrations by January 1 get a free exclusive custom six-sided die.

100 registrations by February 13, 2019 means I get a CotC tattoo and you get to see the livestream of it happening.

End transmission…