New CotC and Oddmall ads in Coffee News

These collectible ads and others like them will run in Coffee News in the Akron area for the next two years. Feel free to nab them, copy them, post them, share them, link them, and do whatever else you want with them. If you use them online please link to and

Oddmall-CotC_01 Oddmall-CotC_02Oddmall-CotC_03Oddmall-CotC_04Oddmall-CotC_05Oddmall-CotC_06Oddmall-CotC_07Oddmall-CotC_08Oddmall-CotC_09Oddmall-CotC_10Oddmall-CotC_11Oddmall-CotC_12Oddmall-CotC_13Oddmall-CotC_14Oddmall-CotC_15

Also, while I have your attention, remember discounted Oddmall booth rates are in effect until July 1! Game and con registration are open for Con on the Cob! And don’t forget to check out the G’Zoink Kickstarter (it runs through July 4).

love andy