New Year – New Digs – New Con on the Cob!

What the What!??!

Are we to take it from that headline that Con on the Cob is moving to a new venue this year?

You are indeed. After seven years at the lovely Clarion Hotel in Hudson, Ohio we have decided to move to a larger nearby venue, the Days Inn and Suites in Richfield, Ohio. We thank the Clarion for seven years of awesomeness, but we’re just getting too big to stay there.

The new digs feature an expanded vendor hall and art show, more gaming space, a miniature golf course, playgrounds, an indoor pool and atrium, balcony gaming, more room for panels and workshops, more private gaming areas, an expanded Children of the Cob Kid Cave, a dedicated auction space, a more central location for our music and entertainment track, a sweet cosplay and costuming adventure track, more party space, and way more stuff than I just mentioned. It’s going to be awesome.

That sounds amazing! How do I reserve a room?

It’s simplicity itself. Here’s what you do:

  • Call (330) 659-6151. That’s the number for the booking desk. Do not use any online reservation forms (they will be much more expensive).
  • Be sure to tell them you are with Con on the Cob. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!!
  • Reserve your room as soon as possible to ensure the best rate. The price will go up in March.
  • Be sure to tell them you are with Con on the Cob. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!!
  • The current rate is $89 for double occupancy and includes free breakfast.
  • Be sure to tell them you are with Con on the Cob. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!!!

So, it’s not important that I tell them I’m with Con on the Cob, right?

No! That’s the opposite of what I just said. It is, I reiterate, EXTREMELY important that you tell them you are with Con on the Cob. Failure to do so could have a serious impact on future cons (the venue space cost depends on how many rooms we rent). Not only that, it will save you a big chunk of money, since the normal rate is much higher than the con rate.

Ok, the hotel is taken care of. How do I register for the con itself?

That’s also very easy. Just follow this link and use the online form. If you can’t follow the link for some reason, just go to and click REGISTRATION.

Should I do it now or should I wait a while?

DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!! If more people sign up early we’ll get a better idea of what to expect and it helps us plan accordingly. It also allows us to get a better sense of the budget for ads and goodies for you and stuff of that nature. Also, the discounted Early Worm prices are in effect. Take advantage of them. They don’t mind.

What if I want to be a Vendor?

That would be great. There are plenty of vendor booths still available (the vendor room is more than twice as big as before). Get thee hence and reserve your spot!

You got a little something there on your shirt.

Oh man, you got me. Made me look…

If I want more information should I just go to the Con on the Cob website or what?

Yes, that’s a good idea. Here’s a link.

This article is kind of boring. Can we see a picture of a monster puking, please?

Sure, here you go.


What kind of new stuff are you offering to entice me away from my mom’s basement?

Dude, oh so much. We are expanding all of the everything, including our gaming events (more Pathfinder Society, more Savage Worlds, more Rogue Cthulhu, Living Low (the Low Life living campaign), Adventure Maximus, more boardgames, more card games, an expanded game library, etc…

We’re also adding a costuming and cosplay track of events, more panels and workshops, and just generally more awesomeness all around. There will be cocktail waitresses in the gaming area, a concession stand right in the midst, more stuff for the kids to do, some really awesome guests, including George Vasilakos and Eden Studios! Lots of stuff…

I’m in! Can I stop reading now?

Yes. In fact, I’m surprised anybody made it this far.

What kind of day should I have?

Have a great day!


Con on the Cob Registration  Hotel Reservations: (330) 659-6151