Sandra Garrity Con on the Cob 2019 Miniatures Guest of Honor

Sandy Garrity has always been interested in creating art, and she started her professional career as an art teacher in Arizona.  Soon thereafter, she married her husband, John, and found herself moving to Texas.  While there, she became part of the local art scene, joining the River Art Group, showing in their gallery, and participating in local art shows. She became known primarily for her Southwestern paintings and various sculptures (often wood).  Her next move found her in the Washington, DC area, where she started selling fantasy paintings at the many fantasy and science fiction conventions that she and her husband attended.  During that time, an artist friend introduced her to Sculpy and she began creating and selling various fantasy figures in this medium. 

Life went on and she eventually found herself in Ohio, still with her husband, but the family had now been joined by two children, a horse, and a dog.  In 1989, a friend told her that Ral Partha Miniatures was looking for a sculptor, and she applied for the job.  She began working for them and for other gaming companies on a freelance basis, and soon joined the Ral Partha full-time sculpting staff, where she was also put in charge of instructing new sculptors.

In 1992, she decided to return to the freedom (and comfort) of working freelance from her home studio.  Since then, she has worked for dozens of large and small gaming companies, including Grenadier, RAFM, Lance and Laser, Reaper Miniatures, Dwarven Forge, and Andy Hopp’s Mutha Oith Creations.  She has also sculpted extensively for toy, model railroad, giftware, and decorative pewter companies such as Hasbro, Rawcliffe Pewter, and Danbury Mint,  Licensed properties that she has sculpted for include Star Trek, Star Wars (which got her multiple trips to Skywalker Ranch), Jurassic Park, Doom, Army of Darkness, and others.

So far, she has sculpted well over 3,000 figures including knights and dragons, dwarves and elves, angels and demons, spacemen and cowboys (she says her favorites are usually dragons and anything with horses).  Sandy loves to put action into her figures and is known for detailed faces and clothing.  She has also done private commissions, which have ranged from paintings (including an oil painting of a prize Brahma bull for a Texas rancher) to figures sculpted from everything from plumber’s putty to cypress knees.

Her favorite things are her family, horses, conventions, horses, and meeting fans and fellow artists (and horses).  Please feel free to drop by and talk.  She is always happy to answer questions, meet new faces, and talk with old friends.