Staff & Volunteers

The 2019 Con on the Cob Awesome Squad

Andy Hopp (Supreme Overlord)
Heather Hopp (The Boss Boss)
Jessica Cook (Revered Goddess of the Con Suite and Cosplay Co-Queen)
Curtis Kaylor (Lord of the Pants)
Gus the Multiplier (Demiurge of Vendor Relations)
Jon Rosenberg (Anything You Want, Baby, especially the Auction)
Cynthia Tuck (Super Amazing Whatever and also Auction)
Rebecca and Bonnie (Children of the Cob)
Gregory Dunn (Viscount of Volunteers)
Kylan Toles (The Man with the Planels, I mean Panels)
Ken Rose (Music and Entertainment Superhero)
Vicky Rose (Cosplay Co-Queen)
Dawn Toles (Influencer)
Phil and Val (Gawd of Gaming)
Robin Chadima (Regent of Registration, Sovereign of the Souvenirium)
Mark and Jim (Social Media)
Krystal Anne (Exalted Administrator of the Artitorium Part 1)
Elyse Slye (Exalted Administrator of the Artitorium Part A)
Kevin Stoner (The Raffler)
Sam Lindemann (Director of Roller Coaster and Theme Park Related Activities, Programming, Events, and Shenanigans)
Silver Balog (Guest Liaison Extraordinaire)


Con on the Cob Volunteers

Wanna get in FREE? Just VOLUNTEER 12 hours of your time over the course of four days and you’re in. We have a limited number of volunteer spaces, so if you want one please contact Greg as soon as possible. In order to receive free admission you MUST register as a volunteer (by emailing Greg) before September 1, 2020.

Volunteering is so awesome. It helps us out and it helps you out. We get free labor and you get a free con. How cool, I ask you, is that. At this point I’m just sort of babbling because I don’t want this page to look empty but I don’t really have much more to say.

Oh, wait, here’s stuff.

Volunteer Tasks (things we need help with)

Setting up on Wednesday night.
Closing down on Sunday night.
Helping in the Children of the Cob Room.
Helping in the Music Room.
Picking up lunch and stuff.
Helping out in the Con Suite.
Setting up for parties.
Selling shirts and merchandise.
Various other things.
Manning and Womaning the Games Library.
Doing Auction stuff.
Various assorted randomnesses.

Contact Greg for more information.