Support a Sponsor: The Final 29 Hours of the Fortune’s Fool Kickstarter

Pantheon Press, one of our beloved sponsors, needs a little push to reach the funding goal for its latest Kickstarter: Deluxe PDFs of the Fortune’s Fool RPG books and documents.

I love Fortune’s Fool so much that I am running it at Con on the Cob. Sign up!

Check out this description of the game from the Kickstarter:

Fortune’s Fool is the exciting ENnie award-winning role-playing game set in a fantastic Renaissance Europe filled with magic, mystery, and adventure. It features intuitive character creation and a unique Tarot-based resolution system that will have you hanging on to every draw of the cards! With the innovative Fate Twist system, players can directly alter the destinies of their characters in powerful and surprising ways, making every exploit truly their own! 

Sounds cool, right! There are more awesome details of the system and the campaign goals at the Kickstarter, of course. You can even see an interview that I recorded with the designers.

They support us; let’s support them. They are so close.