Tempus Protocol: A Project Derailed Escape Room

Hello Friends!

Con on the Cob is nigh! So nigh that it’s just about nigh nigh! Don’t forget that we are featuring an Escape Room this year. It’s all the rage these days and now you can rage at Con on the Cob! The escape room experience is hosted by our good friends at Project Derailed. Check out what they have in store for you:

Description: You are locked in quarantine in Research Module Beta. Your memory is gone. All you know is the ship is falling apart and in 30 minutes the AI will execute Tempus Protocol and eject you all into space. Can you override the protocol and escape in time?

Presented by: ProjectDerailed.com
Rule System: Project Derailed Escape Room
Ages: 16-99
Rating: PG-13
Experience Needed: None

Maximum number of participants: 6