“Con on the Cob is the best convention since sliced convention!

Harrison Hunt, The Wild Die Podcast

“I was honored to be an artist guest at Con on the Cob in the very early start of the convention many years ago. The simple fact that it is run by and created by the genius, kind hearted, artist of all things disgusting, vile and fun, Andy Hopp, wife Heather and daughters just adds to the guarantee of its success all these years later. This con is the most all inclusive, family friendly and loaded with talent event you can be a part of. All hail to the Coblin King!!”

Ed Beard Jr., artist

“Con on the Cob is the perfect blend of family friendly and wild abandon. Games galore, zany entertainment, and just the right size for hanging with friends both new and old.”

Robert Turk, Wicked Clever

“Con on the Cob, has been hands down the single best con I’ve ever attended. Quality people, and an inclusive atmosphere, with enough to do to ensure you only have a bad time if you try to.”

Chad Crider, Foolish Media

“Dice Squad gives Con on the Cob two corn cobs up!”

Adam Campbell, Dice Squad

“Con on the Cob was my first convention to ever perform at! Andy was incredibly gracious and supportive of my career, and continues to be to this day. He helped cultivate a great group of friends and fans I have the honor of calling my convention family! I hope to perform at his convention again soon, and am so grateful for his generosity and family fun quality that his show provides. The entire Hopp family is the best!”

Destini Beard, Singer

“Con on the Cob is legit my favorite con. We’ve been to all of them, and I intend to keep going to all of them! Do not attempt to ingest Con on the Cob though, it’s too big to eat even if you’ve got 4 days. Maybe get a friend and a couple extra plates and forks or something. Goes well with ranch dressing, hot fudge, or wasabi.”

Kay Steele, Internet Personality and Miniature Painter

“I attended my first Con on the Cob a little over three years ago. I barely knew anyone walking in, but by the time the first day ended I felt like I found a whole new family! Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Especially the owner, Andy Hopp! He immediately noticed I was new on the scene and treated me exactly like an old friend! I love this convention with all my heart and soul. I can 100% say that Con on the Cob is my favorite convention and no matter what, I’ll always be there!”

Doris Rachson, 24 Hour Ninja Exterminator (unsubstantiated)

I recommend Con on the Cob to all aspiring artists and parents who want to be as young as the children they can take with them.”

Sherry Dees, CotC Attendee

It’s like a freak show, in the best way.”

Lee Garvin (RIP), Righteous Knight of Fawndr…

I’ve been coming to Con on the Cob since 2012, after a long hiatus from going to conventions, and this convention renewed my amazement and wonder at the arts, games, and good convention FUN. New friendships, great events, and an amazing amount of activities await the young and old. If you want to venture into the wonderland convention known as Con on the Cob, you will be extremely amazed!”

Ryan Cribley, Guy who has been coming to Con on the Cob since 2012, after a long hiatus from going to conventions.