THAC0 Thursday at Con on the Cob

Thursday is THAC0 Thursday!

THAC0 Thursday (October 16) at Con on the Cob is a great time to play all those old school games you’ve been nostalgically hankering for. Let’s get those games on the schedule, friends!


We have plenty of old school games in the Gameteria (games library) for your FREE use, and the game schedule is rapidly populating. Remember, in order to qualify for discounted GM registration you must purchase your badge and submit your games to the schedule by the end of the day on Friday August 1. Here’s you opportunity to add some D&D 1st and 2nd Edition, Gamma World, Call of Cthulhu, Talisman, or whatever your favorite game from back in the day happens to be, into the mix.

Much love,